Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 505

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Chapter 505: He is about to burn to death

The two singer girls were stunned watching this.  When Mo Chuan knit his brows and gave a cold snort, the two of them finally reacted.  They finally looked away, but their hearts were racing without their control.

"Then……this servant will offer a humble display."

A singer girl moved the strings and began playing the pipa.  The sound was very clear, making it very melodious.

The other girl's delicate voice came from her throat, singing a beautiful song.  Her voice lingered with the low sound of the melody, creating a moving sound. However, a pair of sparkling eyes could not help drifting towards Mo Chuan from time to time.

It was a pity Mo Chuan did not even cast her a glance, not even listening to her music.  He took light sips as he watched the girl sitting beside him. The crystal clear lake reflected light onto her tender, pink lips, making them even more beautiful.

This scene at this moment could only be described as soul stirring.

Chen Ning drank a few mouthfuls of wine and her face revealed a faint flush, as well as turning a bit warm.  She could not hold her liquor at all, especially hearing the songs being sung, that were sweet and sticky. It wasn't like a song, but rather a tender chant.  Suddenly going high and suddenly falling low, with words that couldn't be discerned, but they made people's hearts beat faster and their faces turn red.

She couldn't help asking Mo Chuan in a low voice, "What song is she singing?  Why does the tune sound so weird?"

Mo Chuan's handsome face was slightly red.  With a faint smile that contained a trace of anger, he looked at her, "Did you want to hear songs?  This is a song, so why can't you understand it?"

"Then can you understand it?  Can you tell me what she is singing?"  She replied back in an unconvinced manner.

"I also don't understand it."  Mo Chuan's face also turned red.  He looked to the side, not staring at her.

When Chen Ning saw his blus.h.i.+ng face, she was suspicious.  She suddenly grabbed his hand and called, "You must understand, but you're deliberately not telling me, right?"

His palm was burning hot.  When she grabbed it and felt the heat, she couldn't help being stunned and asking, "Why is your hand so warm?  Do you have a fever?"

She raised her hand to touch his forehead, but her hand was grasped by his and he gave a frown, "Ning'er, stop playing around."

"I'm not playing around, I'm just seeing if you're sick.  Is it the wind coming from the river that is making you cold?  Mo Chuan, are you cold?" She held his hands and felt that his two palms were burning, making her more and more worried.

Cold?  How could he be cold!

He was almost burning to death!

Mo Chuan tightly held her hand.  Her fingers were cool, feeling very comfortable to touch, but it only brought a small period of comfort.  With her creamy white skin and her slender jade like fingers, he was feeling more and more hot.

"I'm not cold."  He let go of her hand and drank mouthful after mouthful of wine.

When the cold wine entered his stomach, it temporarily cooled the flames deep down.

A breeze came from the surface of the water that was very cool, bringing him a period of coolness and comfort.

Drinking wine and listening to songs!

What kind of idea was this!

Even with Mo Chuan's firm determination, he almost lost his way and entered a dangerous path.

He couldn't help feeling fortunate that they were on a boat on the lake.  If they really did go to a brothel, hearing this kind of song and drinking wine like this, there were only a few people that could hold back like him!

Humph, if he knew of someone that wanted to listen to songs in the brothel with her, he would cut off that person's head!

"Have you heard enough?  Or do you want to hear more?"  He looked over at her with a ghost of a smile on his face.

When he saw her face turn more red and her eyes become more blurred, he couldn't help finding this funny.

Could this girl have understood the song?

He wanted to see if she suggested going to a brothel to drink wine and listen to songs again.

Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 505

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