Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 536

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Chapter 536

Chapter 536: Your dowry

The small thoughts Zhui Feng had could fool Xiao Ru, but it couldn’t escape her eyes.

Although she could see that Zhui Feng had no meaning with this and did not have any ideas towards Xiao Ru, as a man of this era, shouldn’t he have a sense of integrity?

Since he had accidentally touched the wrong place, he should come and bare the consequences.  Shouldn’t he have immediately stated his position and say that he would take responsibility for Xiao Ru?

But this man actually wanted to use a bag of money to solve everything.  Ze, ze, this kind of man, she really looked down on him.

Even if he said he would take responsibility for Xiao Ru now, she would not agree!

It was a good thing this little girl Xiao Ru did not understand

matters between men and women, she didn’t understand that she had been fooled by someone.  It was not good to directly speak about this matter, so she started out with vague words.

“Zhui Feng, bring the purse over and also take out all the silver you have on you.”  She coldly looked at Zhui Feng.

He was the emperor’s hidden guard, he earned quite a bit.  He wanted to use this bag of silvers to fool Xiao Ru, but even if Xiao Ru was silly, she wasn’t.

Zhui Feng was stunned, but he obediently took out the purse and a large amount of silvers from his chest.  There were around one thousand silvers, but of course that wasn’t his entire fortune.

Chen Ning took the silvers and the purse and said with a serious face, “These silver bills and silver

silver pieces will be your compensation for your offense towards Xiao Ru.  Of course, you will completely forget about everything that happened and not say a single word. This will be the end of this matter. Zhui Feng, the way I’m handling this, are you dissatisfied?”

Zhui Feng secretly thought the Princess Consort was quite powerful as he quickly nodded, “This subordinate will listen to the princess, there is no dissatisfaction at all.”

He even secretly let out a sigh of relief.

“Very good.  Xiao Ru, take these silver pieces and silver bills, they will be your dowry in the future.  These are not ill gotten gains, but rather his willing compensation towards you, so you can just openly accept it.”

Chen Ning pulled Xiao Ru’s hand and placed the purse and silver bills in them.

Xiao Ru’s eyes went wide in

wide in shock.  Seeing the things in her hands, she could not believe that she suddenly gained an entire thousand silvers.

God, was she still dreaming?

“Zhui Feng, you can leave.  There is nothing left here.”

Chen Ning did not have a good impression of Zhui Feng.  She was secretly thinking that he really was a hidden guard, spending all his days in the dark, it also turned his heart dark.

Zhui Feng stood there without moving as he stared at the window and said in a low voice, “There is someone outside.”

He had heard sounds coming from the window, so he jumped out of hiding.

“Someone there?”

Chen Ning stared at the window.  She was thinking, did Chu Shao Yang come back?

Thinking of Chu Shao Yang, her heart suddenly filled with pain and she couldn’t help knitting her brows.

What was wrong with her? wrong with her?  Why did her chest feel bad every time she thought of him?

She had even strangely fainted twice because of it.

“It is a martial art expert.”  Zhui Feng replied. He slowly walked towards the window, holding his breath, being ready to fight.

A creaking sound came from the window as it automatically opened without any wind.

“There’s a ghost!”  Xiao Ru sunk into Chen Ning’s arms in fear.

Chen Ning held her as her eyes stared at the window without moving away.  It was still bright outside, she did not believe there would be any ghosts.

The window finally opened as flowers bloomed outside.  Amongst the flowers, with a snow white robe and a frost like bearing, a beautiful young man was standing there with an affectionate smile.

The flowers were beautiful, but compared to his smile, they were overshadowed.

Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 536

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