Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 597

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Chapter 597: The little white rabbit in the wolf's claws

"I know you still want to ask me how I know the person under the mask you.  I ask the Crown Prince not to forget that I bit your hand on that day, it was in this place and your highness the Crown Prince has the same wound, isn't this too much of a coincidence?"  Chen Ning looked over his fingers.

"Your eyes are truly powerful."  The Crown Prince casually said.

"The other reason is that I know the East Qin envoy has entered the capital and the two songs your highness just sung were not songs of my West Chu.  The first one sung of the vast gra.s.slands and only someone who has seen and lived in the gra.s.slands can sing of how vast the sky is and of the wind blowing through the gra.s.s.  East Qin is a country filled with gra.s.slands, so if I can't guess your ident.i.ty after hearing this song, wouldn't I be too dumb?"

The East Qin Crown Prince couldn't help nodding as he said, "Not bad, you are smarter than normal people.  However, you only guessed that I was from East Qin, how did you know I was the Crown Prince? Could it be that your West Chu already knew that the Crown Prince was coming to the capital?"

His eyes once again filled with killing intent.

"How is that difficult to guess?  Although I am only a little girl, I have heard of your highness' fame.  When those East Qin men were kidnapping girls of the capital, it should have been under your highness' orders, right?  Your goal should have been to distract everyone from me, so your highness could kidnap me, right? If it wasn't under the Crown Prince's orders, how could those people follow your orders?"  Chen Ning said in an indifferent voice.

"That isn't certain.  I could not be the Crown Prince and just the leader of the envoy, they would also listen to my orders."  His eyes sparkled a bit.

He never thought that she would be even more intelligent than he imagined.  

"Is that so?  From what I know, the East Qin Country honours the eagle, so the juniors of the royal family will all have an eagle tattooed to their chest.  It is also know that there is only a single prince born to the East Qin emperor and since he was seven years old, he was already t.i.tled the Crown Prince.  If you aren't the Crown Prince, then where did that eagle tattoo on your chest come from? I believe that I can go through the entire East Qin Country and not find a single person that dares to imprint the eagle on their chest.  Your highness, are you satisfied with that explanation?"

Chen Ning stood up after she finished speaking, stretching out her stiff limbs.

She took two steps forward and turned around to say, "Your highness, can I leave now?"

The Crown Prince suddenly stood up from the ground and blocked her.  That high figure blocked off the light from the lanterns above and it enveloped her in a dark shadow.

"No, you can't!"

"Oh?  I never thought that the respected Crown Prince actually was a person that didn't keep their promises."  She said in a slightly sarcastic voice.

"This prince will keep my words, I will let you go if I say I will let you go.  However, this prince did not promise you that I would immediately let you go."

The East Qin Crown Prince placed his hands on his hips and his eyes revealed a sly smile.

He, he, she wanted to play with him?  She was still too soft.

"You are indeed intelligent, you are the most intelligent woman I have ever seen, you think this prince will let you go like this?"  He revealed a proud smile, one that was wild and arrogant, without a trace of fear.

He looked down at her just like a little white rabbit trapped in the wolf's claws.  The interest in his eyes became thicker and stronger.

Originally he only liked her for her beauty, but he found that she had something even more attractive than her beauty on her.

Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 597

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