Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 614

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Chapter 614: His heart, ruthless and poisonous

Chen Ning rolled her eyes and snappily said, "I want to ask you, when can you begin teaching me?  If you want me to submit after losing, then bring out your skills."

The frivolous smile on Na Mu Cuo's face disappeared.  He looked at her and he could tell that she was being serious.

Like this, she wasn't trying to play hard to get?

Was she really trying to win against him?

He began to feel like this was incredible.

The reason why he could train his eyes like this, other than his natural talent, there was also his ten years of hard practice, working diligently every day.

"You are serious?"  He slowly said.

"Of course, does your highness think I am joking with you?"

"This prince might as well tell you, even if I tell you all my tricks, you can't learn them in just three days.  Even if you do learn them, you shouldn't think about winning against this prince! Because that is something impossible in the first place!"

"How do you know it's impossible without trying?  I am a person that likes to face difficulties." She revealed a relaxed smile that was filled with confidence and her eyes sparkled.

His heart suddenly trembled like it had been touched by her words, but his face displayed no changes at all.

"Good, then just obediently sleep here tonight.  Wait until this prince is in a good mood and I will naturally teach you.  By the way, don't try to leave and don't try to slip away because there has never been anyone that has escaped from this prince before.  There will also be consequences for sneaking away, understood?" He slowly said to her.

"What consequences?"

"He, he, this prince will catch her and personally skin her.  This prince is very skilled at skinning people, she won't die even after being skinned.  She will be like a meatball, unable to run, unable to move, unable to speak. You won't even be able to imagine just how interesting that scene will be."

His eyes revealed a cold glow, but his face still revealed a smile.

Chen Ning's back was covered in cold sweat and her breathing became faster.

She just heard Na Mu Cuo continue by saying, "Do you know why she ran?  Because she hooked up with another man behind this prince's back! This prince caught that man and stripped him naked, making him hug that ball of meat, letting them be close together.  Didn't he like hugging this prince's woman? Then this prince allowed them hug each other in death. Do you know what expression that man made when he found out that the ball of meat he was hugging was his enchanting lover?  His eyes popped out in terror and he fainted."

When Na Mu Cuo said this, he broke out in laughter again, but his laughter contained only anger and no joy.

Chen Ning suddenly gave a shudder and shook her head as she said, "Stop speaking, don't say anymore."

"What, you don't dare listen?  But this prince isn't finished yet.  Do you know what happened next? This prince sent them to the sky burial execution grounds and let the hawks in the sky eat their flesh, leaving behind only white bones.  Tell me, don't you think this prince was very kind to them?"

When she thought of that scene, a chill ran down her back again.

Of course she had heard of the sky burial execution grounds before, but she never thought that Na Mu Cuo would actually feed live people to the hawks.

This person's heart…..it was ruthless and poisonous.

Empress Running Away with the Ball! Chapter 614

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