Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 187

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Chapter 187 -Returning Home And Proclaiming Her Ancestry Part 7

A bunch of old men looked at each other in the discussion room. They didn’t know what the head of the family wanted to announce at this meeting. The door to the discussion room was opened again, just when the crowd was filled with curiosity.

Xiao Tian Yu and his wife walked in side by side. There was a beautiful young girl following beside Madam Sheng Yue.

Her plain clothed fluttered from a breeze. The appearance of the young girl was exceptional, and her expression was as cold as her eyes. She didn’t wear any other accessories, excluding the jade coloured earrings that constantly swayed due to the breeze.

There was a small black beast in the young girl’s embrace. Its body was like gelatin, and it looked incredibly cute with it’s soft body. It seemed harmless.

When she entered, the crowd quieted down, curiosity in their eyes.

Who was this young girl? The discussion room wasn’t accessible to ordinary people. Moreover, she came with the young head and wife of the Xiao family…

“It’s her!”

When Xiao Yin’s gaze fell on the young girl’s face, his eyes turned red hot from hatred. He clenched his fists tightly and abruptly stood up.

“Mu Ru Yue, you are really in my Xiao family!” Xiao Yin gritted his teeth and glared at her viciously. “You hurt my granddaughter when she was outside the family and now you cut off my granddaughter’s finger after coming to the Xiao family. Do you think you can live from hurting my granddaughter? Since you touched her finger, I will take your life as compensation!”

Xiao Min was severely injured and her cultivation sc.r.a.pped when she was traveling outside. She had to be carried back. The Xiao family didn’t know that the incident had been done by this young girl.

“Cough cough!” Old Man Xiao coughed dryly in order to clear his throat. “To all of the elders, I have something to announce today.”

A cold gaze shot toward Xiao Yin. The old man had a trace of gloominess on his face, but when he looked at Mu Ru Yue, his gaze became gentle.

“Do you remember that about sixteen years ago, a child of my son and his wife was stolen?”

The Ninth Elder looked at the old man and pondered for a while before replying, “Family head, hadn’t that child already been killed by the Nangong family?”

Old Man Xiao chuckled. “Killed? How can that be? A subordinate of the Nangong family couldn’t bear to kill her so she pa.s.sed my granddaughter to a house in the outside world to be raised there. Recently, this couple went to acknowledge her. The reason I have summoned you today is to allow my granddaughter to proclaim her ancestry and return to the Xiao family.”

Everyone was stunned for a moment as they shot curious gazes toward the young girl beside Madam Sheng Yue.

Could it be that this girl was the long lost daughter of the young head?

“That’s right, she is my granddaughter, the one that had been stolen away by the Nangong family.” Seeing the crowd focusing their gazes on Mu Ru Yue, Old Man Xiao raised his head and admitted it straightforwardly.

“What?” Xiao Yin was shocked as he directed a deathly glare at Mu Ru Yue. His gaze was as though he wanted to pierce a couple of holes in that young girl’s body.

“That’s impossible!”

Without waiting for Xiao Yin to rebuke, a delicate shout was heard within the discussion room.

Xiao Min’s injuries hadn’t yet recovered, but she’d come to see how her grandfather would deal with Mu Ru Yue. Who knew she would hear such words? She couldn’t bear to remain outside and dashed into the room.

It wasn’t distinct whether it was due to her wounds or from what Old Man Xiao said, but the current Xiao Min had a pale white face. She glared viciously at Mu Ru Yue with fury and jealousy.

She didn’t think about what she was going to say due to her anger.

“What right does this b.i.t.c.h have to possess my Xiao family’s bloodline? She’s unworthy!”

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 187

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