Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 219

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Chapter 219 – A Pack Of Silver Wolves Part 1

“It seems we can only do that then,” said Mu Ru Yue with a sigh. At that moment, voices were heard behind them…

“Cousin, when will we reach the Medicine Sect?”

The feeble voice of a young girl was heard. Following that was the clear voice of a youth. “Rou Er, don’t worry. We’ll be leaving this Magical Beast Mountain Range real soon. Uncle Zhang, how much farther do we have to go?”

The man known as Uncle Zhang remained quiet for a time before saying, “According to this map, we should be a kilometer away. Young master, young mistress, we will be able to leave this Magical Beast Mountain Range soon.”


Mu Ru Yue’s eyes lit up. If there was a map, then she would no longer need to walk aimlessly within this mountain range. Ye Wu Chen and she had been walking mindlessly for a day, but hadn’t made much progress.

She turned her head to look at the oncoming group of people as she thought about that…

A handsome youth appeared first. He had a very fair complexion, but it was the healthy type of fairness. His appearance was better than a woman’s, and he had eyes as clear as water with a tinge of happiness.

There was a feeble and sickly beauty by his side.

The sickly beauty was very weak and leaned heavily on the youth for each step as they walked toward them. With a sweat-drenched, pale and delicate face, she looked really pitiful, attracting tender feelings toward her.

There was a group of people following them. They were obviously the subordinates of this siblings…

The youth raised his head and saw Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen.

He was stunned and a trace of awe appeared in his clear eyes. The youth saw a young girl standing against the wind, her hair fluttering. No emotions showed on her exceptional face, but it still couldn’t detract from her devastating beauty.

He had lived for so many years, but never had he seen such a beauty.

“Cousin?” The sickly beauty frowned slightly and followed the youth’s gaze, landing on Mu Ru Yue. She instantly pinched the youth in dissatisfaction. “Cousin, what are you looking at?”

The youth came to his senses as he felt the pain. He glared accusingly at the sickly beauty before s.h.i.+fting his gaze back to Mu Ru Yue, querying with a light smile, “Does this lady also want to get out of this Magical Beast Mountain Range?”

He had completely turned a blind eye to Ye Wu Chen, who stood by her side…

“Mhmm.” Mu Ru Yue nodded. “We got lost and were thinking of purchasing the map in your hands. I wonder how much you will want for that?”

The youth was stunned, then he chuckled as he replied, “Lady, if we gave you this map, then how are we to get out? If the lady doesn’t mind, how about travelling with us?”


The sickly beauty glared at Mu Ru Yue. She hadn’t missed the awe that had appeared in her cousin’s eyes when he saw this woman.

Even though she knew her cousin wouldn’t fall in love at first sight and judge people by their appearance, she still felt a slight discomfort.

She had loved her cousin for such a long time and wanted to marry him once her illness was cured. How could her cousin look at girls other than herself?

The sickly beauty was jealous and her gaze turned unfriendly.

“Rou Er!” The youth’s expression slowly darkened as he berated her in a low voice.

The sickly beauty’s eyes reddened. She pressed her pale lips together tightly to prevent her tears from flowing down. Her cousin had scolded her for this girl that they had just met…

Mu Ru Yue didn’t actually want to stay with these people, but the Medicine Sect’s large event would be starting soon. If they tried to find their way out by themselves, it would take at least a couple of days, so she could only nod.

“Alright then, we will be troubling you.”

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 219

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