Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 220

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Chapter 220 – A Pack Of Silver Wolves Part 2

“Lady, may I know your name?” The youth curved his lips into a faint smile. With his clear eyes focused on the young girl, he continued, “My surname is Qin, name is Qin Yi. This is my cousin, Ji Shui Rou. Rou Er’s body isn’t well, so we wanted to head to the Medicine Sect’s large event where many alchemists will be and ask one of them for help. I wonder for what purpose did the two of you enter the Magical Beast Mountain Range?”

Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly. “I am Mu Ru Yue and this is Ye Wu Chen. We are also heading to the Medicine Sect to partic.i.p.ate in their large event.”

“Such a coincidence.” Qin Yi didn’t converse any further and turned around to look at the person behind him. “Uncle Zhang, let Rou Er sit in the palanquin at the back. Let’s continue on.”

Uncle Zhang nodded slightly and took Ji Shui Rou from Qin Yi’s hand. “Young mistress, let us go. Your body isn’t well; it will be better for you to not walk too much.”

Ji Shui Rou broke free from Uncle Zhang’s hold and bit her lip. “Cousin, are you really letting them follow us? The Magical Beast Mountain Range is dangerous. What will we do if they become a burden to us?”

More importantly, she didn’t want this girl to stay in their team…

“Rou Er.”

Since Qin Yi couldn’t read Ji Shui Rou’s thoughts, he didn’t understand what had happened to the usually sensible Rou Er. Since Mu Ru Yue had lost her way, he should help her out. Usually, Rou Er was kind and wouldn’t have just ignored her. Yet today, she seemed to have a trace of animosity toward Mu Ru Yue.

“Wu Chen, since they don’t welcome us, let’s go on our way.”

Mu Ru Yue glanced at Ji Shui Rou.

Although she wanted to go to the Medicine Sect before the large event commenced, it didn’t mean she would lay down her pride. Since the other didn’t welcome her, why should she abandon her pride and stay with this team?

“Alright.” Ye Wu Chen smiled. To him, everything Mu Ru Yue decided was correct.

Yet, when he thought back to the gaze Qin Yi had sent toward Mu Ru Yue, a sour feeling emerged from the bottom of his heart. It was best that they leave this place…

“Lady Mu, please wait.” Qin Yi did not pay attention to the aggrieved gaze Ji Shui Rou shot him and chased after Mu Ru Yue. “Lady Mu, it is too dangerous for a girl like you to roam this Magical Beast Mountain Range by yourself.”

‘What do you mean by ‘roam around by yourself?’

Ye Wu Chen’s face darkened. Could it be that he wasn’t a person?

Suddenly, the group could hear rustling from the surrounding gra.s.s. Howls that could reach the horizon split the air before anyone could react. Many silver wolves dashed out from the gra.s.s.

“It’s silver wolves!”

“Oh G.o.d, there are so many of them. The leader of the pack is also a Ninth Stage Silver Wolf King!”

The Ninth Stage Silver Wolf King could be considered the one at the top of the pyramid in this Magical Beast Mountain Range.

The crowd breathed deeply and hastily drew their weapons as they looked warily at the pack of silver wolves that surrounded them. The wolves were eyeing them like looking at their preys.

“Uncle Zhang, protect Rou Er!”

Qin Yi drew the sword at his waist, apprehensiveness showing on his outstanding face.

The strongest in the team was only an Eighth Stage Martial pract.i.tioner, but this Silver Wolf King was at the ninth stage…

Ji Shui Rou was so frightened that she paled, her lips quivering slightly. She had been pampered since young, so how would she have seen so many vicious silver wolves? It was already impressive enough already that she was still conscious.

The silver wolves howled as they charged toward the humans.

Blood stained the Magical Beast Mountain Range that evening. The silver wolves’ attacks were bold and powerful. No matter how powerful they were, how could the humans have the strength to resist against so many silver wolves? Furthermore, there was still the Ninth Stage Silver Wolf King who was eyeing them greedily at the side.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 220

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