Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 223

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Chapter 223 – He Is My Man Part 2

Qin Yi smiled. “Lady Mu doesn’t need to worry; there definitely won’t be anybody disturbing you. I will have some people prepare a tent for you and your subordinate.”

‘Subordinate?’ Ye Wu Chen raised his brows. Did he really look like a subordinate? But what could he do? Who told him to be willing in serving this woman…

The night was like water, quiet and tranquil.

Ye Wu Chen hugged his head and lay quietly on the bed on the floor. He smiled, making his ordinary face look more vibrant and charming.

This man had an ordinary face, but it was hard to conceal his undeniable n.o.bility and lazy temperament.

Suddenly, the entrance flap of the tent flipped open. Ye Wu Chen’s purple eyes chilled. He cast a sword-like gaze outward, but he lightly said, “Scram!”

As she faced this man, Ji Shui Rou felt a trace of fear she could not explain.

Her face paled and she looked really feeble. Even her steps swayed,  as if she were going to collapse the next moment. But when she thought of her purpose here, she bit her lip and said, “I want the two of you to leave this place. With your ability, it won’t be difficult.”

A trace of a sinister light was visible on Ye Wu Chen’s charming face. With a slightly gloomy voice, he once again said, “Scram!”

Ji Shui Rou’s heart jolted. This man was clearly just a subordinate. Why did she fear him?

“If you need a map, I can give it to you. I just wish that your mistress will stop attracting my cousin.”

Her voice was feeble and indistinct, barely audible, but with Ye Wu Chen’s superior hearing, what couldn’t he hear?

If Ji Shui Rou hadn’t mentioned Mu Ru Yue, then perhaps Ye Wu Chen would have taken the map and left with Mu Ru Yue. Yet, she disparaged his beloved woman, causing his expression to darken.

The man rose from his bed. With his charming purple eyes radiating menace, he slowly lifted his hand. After a flash of black light, Ji Shui Rou’s body was tossed outside the tent.

Outside the tent, the night wind blew harshly, causing Ji Shui Rou to s.h.i.+ver from the chill.

Her body originally wasn’t well and now her face had paled.

Suddenly, she glimpsed a lean figure. Ji Shui Rou bit on her lip and tore at her clothes, exposing her fair and tender skin.

“Cousin, quickly save me!”

At that moment, Qin Yi had been planning to head out and relieve himself, when he suddenly heard Ji Shui Rou’s voice. He turned his head to see Ji Shui Rou running frantically toward him.


Ji Shui Rou grabbed Qin Yi as though he were her life-saving grace as she said, panting, “That lady’s subordinate… he… he wanted to rape me. Cousin, quickly… chase them away.”

Tears could be seen glittering in the girl’s beautiful eyes. Her slender face expressed obvious shame.

It was undeniable that Ji Shui Rou was a rare beauty. Even though she didn’t have the lovely and beautiful look of those in ancient Hua Xia, her appearance was similar. It was extremely alluring for men when they saw such a slender waist. Not many could resist her weak and lovable voice.

That subordinate wouldn’t dare to lay his hand on his mistress, but it wasn’t impossible for him to have tried to bully Ji Shui Rou…

“Rou Er, are you alright?” Qin Yi looked worriedly at Ji Shui Rou. Even though he didn’t particularly like his cousin, he had already promised to take good care of her in this life.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 223

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