Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 228

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Chapter 228 – Medicine Sect’s Large Event Part 2

Mu Ru Yue raised her brows but didn’t say anything as she waited for Wu Yu to continue explaining.

Wu Yu sighed. “The Medicine Sect in Sheng Domain is a branch sect from the Central Region, so the sect master possesses a decree tablet from the Central Region. If someone can save the young master’s life, they can obtain the decree tablet and enter the Central Region.”

It was evident that what Wu Yu said really moved Mu Ru Yue’s heart.

She wanted to break through to the Xiantian High Rank, but still needed a lot of time. Moreover, the number of False Xiantians in the Sheng Domain was too few, and without strong opponents, she couldn’t break through so quickly.

Her only option was to enter the Central Region.

Additionally, she wanted to meet Bai Ze, so she must enter that land…

“That’s right, little girl, do you see that a lot of strong alchemists are here? Sheng Domain is stronger than us as they have a couple of Mundane Stage Low Rank alchemists. For example, that old man wearing the grey robe earlier,he is the same as me, a Mundane Stage Low Rank.”

Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose as she asked curiously, “Why aren’t there any Mundane Stage Mid Rank alchemists?”

“Hehe! Little girl, do you think it is easy to become a Mundane Stage Mid Rank alchemist? That kind of alchemist appears only within the Central Region. Even Sheng Domain’s highest alchemist rank is only a Mundane Stage Low Rank. That’s right, little girl, I forgot to ask what your current rank is and what stage you have reached.”

Wu Yu turned to look at Mu Ru Yue as he asked with a smile, curious.

Mu Ru Yue looked at him and queried, “What power are you referring to? Martial or alchemy?”


“Oh.” Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders. “For martial power, I just entered the False Xiantian realm. Alchemy has reached the Earth Stage High Rank…”

Training within the Sacred Spirit Spring had drastically improved her power.

But, at her current level, entering the Sacred Spirit Spring again would no longer be of benefit.

That her power would increase so rapidly, was beyond Mu Ru Yue’s imagination. It was no longer a wonder why the Xiao family had so many experts. They just needed to spend half a year in the Spring to accomplish what would take a couple of years for others.

If the Ma.s.sacre The Heaven Battle Squad were to enter the Sacred Spirit Spring and train within it, they would be able to rapidly increase their power…

Wu Yu’s elderly face stiffened.

It was fortunate that they weren’t talking loudly. If others were to listen, they would have thought Mu Ru Yue was lying. The False Xiantian cultivation aside, who could have reached the Earth Stage High Rank at such a tender age?

Wu Yu took in a deep breath and felt slightly gloomy.

His disciple had become so powerful already. He felt that as her teacher, he was rather useless…

Perhaps Mu Ru Yue felt what he was thinking and smiled, saying, “Master, this tiny place can’t hold me back. I want to head to a larger place. My current accomplishment isn’t the limit of what I want to reach. I won’t stop my steps until I reach the pinnacle of the world. No matter how dangerous the path in the future may be, I will cut my way through thistles and thorns to slaughter open a b.l.o.o.d.y path, and I will reach the pinnacle. But regardless of how that future turns out to be, a master for a day is a father for a lifetime. You are forever my master.”

She hadn’t forgotten that when she’d first stepped into this different world, she was at a loss how to cultivate. If she hadn’t met Wu Yu and been under his tutelage, then she wouldn’t have smoothly entered her meditative state.

Thus, even if she reached the peak in the future, she wouldn’t forget her first master that had taught her initially.

“‘A master for a day is a father for a lifetime.’ Hehe! Little girl, perhaps the greatest blessing in my life was recruiting you as my precious disciple.”

Wu Yu sighed, grat.i.tude apparent on his elderly face.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 228

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