Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 234

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Chapter 234 – Earth Stage Peak Rank Alchemist Part 3

At this moment, Ye Qiu recovered from his astonishment. He sn.i.g.g.e.red at Ye Wu Chen’s pale face. “I didn’t expect such an expert to be protecting that trash. That little girl does indeed have a great appearance. It is no wonder you would protect her to the death. Hehe! I admit that you are really powerful. It is a pity, however, that your current physical condition isn’t good. If it were, I wouldn’t be your match if we fought.”

Ye Wu Chen’s heart shuddered slightly; he knew this old man was telling the truth.

If it were the norm, they would have already died under his blade…

“Even if I have severe injuries now, I can still deal with the both of you. My power is still sufficient!” Ye Wu Chen waved his hand and a purple sword appeared in it. “I won’t let anyone disturb her!”

Inside the room, Mu Ru Yue was focused on refining her pill and was clueless about what was happening outside. With her gaze locked onto the Phoenix Furnace, perspiration rolled down her pale face.

Right at this moment, her mental power was used to its limit. If she wasn’t careful, this pill manufacturing would fail…

But there was only this single set of medicinal ingredients in her possession. She mustn’t make any mistake!

Suddenly, Mu Ru Yue’s body softened, and she nearly collapsed to the floor. She had used up most of her strength and had even lost the ability to stand up…

She took out an Energy Replenishment Pill, without any hesitation.

The pill in her mouth was like candy. Instantly, her pale face started to recover its rosiness. The dimming flame in her hand lit up once more.

If she hadn’t used the Energy Replenishment Pill to recover, then perhaps she wouldn’t be able to refine an Earth Stage Peak Rank pill. This kind of pill really required a ma.s.sive amount of energy.

Mu Ru Yue pressed her lips together firmly, as she stared fixedly at the Phoenix Furnace before her…


Under the light of the rising of the sun, the man’s purple robe fluttered, even without wind. Blood flowed from his seductive lips. He wiped it away and then raised his head to look once more at the elder who was in a sorry state.

Of course this old man didn’t have the power to hurt him this bad.

The extent of this damage was completely due to the power still rampaging in his body…

“Brat, this is the Medicine Sect. You shouldn’t be so unbridled!” Ye Qiu’s expression darkened. He looked at the Medicine Sect disciples at the side and signalled them to quickly call the head of the Medicine Sect over.

This man was too powerful. Even though he had a severe injury, Ye Qiu still wasn’t his match…

Black flames gradually expanded from the man’s feet. Within that cold and sinister aura was another aura that could destroy heaven and earth. This power still couldn’t be suppressed for long as he was already reaching his limit.

Moreover, it was too late to leave now…


Ye Wu Chen roared in anger when he saw that Ye Qiu still wanted to draw nearer. From his body, the tyrannical power burst forth and directly tossed Ye Qiu backwards.

At the side, Fu Lin was stupefied.

His master, a Xiantian Mid Rank Martial pract.i.tioner, was unable to defeat this young man?

Ye Wu Chen’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he shot his gaze toward Ye Qiu. He walked over to him, with light steps, and said, “If you hadn’t come to disturb her, then perhaps you could have kept your life. It is a pity that you threw that away.”

After eliminating the threat this old fellow brought, he would cripple his own powers…

He had wanted to possess a  tyrannical power to protect her. If this power was destined to harm her, then what was the point in keeping it?

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 234

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