Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 235

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Chapter 235 – Earth Stage Peak Rank Alchemist Part 4

“What are you doing?!”

Suddenly, a bellow was heard from the front.

The sect leader of the Medicine Sect led a group of people and headed here hastily…

Wu Yu looked at Ye Wu Chen who seemed to be in dire straits. He instantly exclaimed in surprise and paled.


He moved in a flash toward him and placed his hand gently on his pulse.

“Your internal injury seems  severe. Is it that d.a.m.nable old man’s fault?”

This man belonged to his precious disciple, so as her master, how could he allow his disciple’s person to get hurt?

“Not good!”

Seeing the man’s killing intent, Mu Rong Tian’s expression changed drastically. “Elder Ye Qiu, leave quickly!”

But, before Ye Qiu could climb up to his feet, a purple sword light whizzed through the sky.


That sword light sent his body flying violently away. The enormous boulder behind him, smashed into smithereens.

At this moment, the crowd saw the man who made such a big commotion. He was on his knees, with his sword piercing the ground and his sweat-soaked hair sticking to his charming face. Black power slowly expanded outward with him at the centre.

Wu Yu hastily retreated a few steps away as he looked astonished at Ye Wu Chen.

“Wha… what the h.e.l.l is going on?”

Ye Wu Chen raised his head to look at Wu Yu and spoke emphatically, “Don’t let anyone disturb Mu Er!”

If she was just manufacturing an Earth Stage High Rank pill, then with her proficiency there wouldn’t be a problem. But Mu Ru Yue was trying to manufacture an Earth Stage Peak Rank pill. With her mental power that taut, she should not be disturbed in the slightest.

Otherwise, she might suffer severe side effects to her mind.

He had done what he did, even as he was enduring the pain of that rampaging power, for the sake of preventing anyone from entering to disturb Mu Ru Yue…

Wu Yu was startled. Just as he wanted to say something,  the next moment left him stupefied once more.

‘This man wanted to cripple his own Dantian!

With his power, he could be a self-proclaimed monarch within the Sheng Domain. Why did he want to destroy his power?‘

Naturally, Wu Yu didn’t know that compared to Mu Ru Yue, this power was nothing in Ye Wu Chen’s heart.

His power was unable to protect her and could even harm her, so it didn’t matter if he lost all of it. He also believed that even if he became a trash, that woman wouldn’t leave him.

In that case, this would suffice…

Ye Wu Chen gradually moved his hand toward his Dantian. With gentleness in his purple eyes, he slowly raised his hand and gathered some power. If this power were to hit it, his Dantian would shatter into pieces.

From then on, the power wouldn’t bother him, and he would become a trash…

“Ye Wu Chen, what are you doing!?”

Suddenly, an angry shout was heard from behind him. The man’s body stiffened and his large hands stayed back from his Dantian. He turned his head toward the house and saw a white-clothed young girl running hastily toward him in fury…

“Mu Er, don’t come over. I can’t control this power anymore. You will get hurt if you get closer!”

Ye Wu Chen shouted anxiously. At that moment, a purple ray of light flashed through the air, heading toward him. A young girl’s voice was heard after that, “I’ve already manufactured the Purple Gold Pill. Consume it now.”

‘Purple Gold Pill?’

Ye Wu Chen was stunned as he grabbed the pill that came flying toward him. When he held the purple pill, an ice-cold feeling pa.s.sed from his palm to his body…

After he placed the pill in his mouth, the chilling feeling seeped into his heart. As if summoned by something, the expanding black power withdrew into his body…

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 235

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