Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 274

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Chapter 274- Breakingthrough to Xiantian Part 2

Including those experts in the Central Region, there weren’t many at the Xiantian Complete Great Circle Realm. That elder should have reached that level when he was still alive…

“Woman, I don’t have an in-depth understanding of the situation there, but I know a couple of the great powers in the Central Region. The Medicine Sect is one of the great powers in the Central Region, but there are other greater powers above the Medicine Sect. As to how powerful those fraction are, I of course don’t know, as I’m unable to a.s.sociate with them”

Feng Jing Tian’s expression became serious. There were crouching tigers and hidden dragons inside the Central Region. Any of those powers could proclaim themselves as monarchs outside.

Just as Mu Ru Yue wanted to ask him something, a fragrance suddenly entered her nose. The faint fragrance made her, as a woman, unable to resist the temptation to raise her head to look forward…

A blue dress like billowing waves. The silky hair of the girl looked so smooth and glossy under the light of the sunset. What was more stunning was the girl’s face.

With blue eyes like deep water, a faint smile was visible on her exceptional face. Her beauty was like the deep blue of the ocean. The phrase ‘unmatched beauty’ was inferior to her looks.

When the girl appeared, her gaze landed on Feng Jing Tian…

“Jing Tian, you’re back?” This girl had a gentle, faint smile. The beauty of her smile seemed to emit a fragrance. Her deep blue eyes were filled with deep emotions as they gazed upon the enchanter-like man before her.

It was as though her eyes could see only him, unable to allow any other to enter.

“I heard you were back since earlier, but I was rather busy recently and couldn’t go see you. Coincidentally, since I’m free today, I planned to see you. You won’t blame me, right?”

The girl looked carefully at Feng Jing Tian. With an expression as gentle as water, how could any man resist her?

Feng Jing Tian’s long, shapely eyebrows frowned slightly. He glanced impatiently at the girl’s gentle-as-water expression before saying indifferently, “Lan Yue, what relations.h.i.+p do we have? Why would I blame you? Make way. Stop blocking my path!”

Lan Yue’s expression changed slightly, but rapidly reverted to normal. She giggled lightly. “Jing Tian, are you mad at me? Are you blaming me for not coming to meet you earlier? But aren’t I here now? Can’t you forgive me this time?”

‘This woman, doesn’t she understand human words?’

Feng Jing Tian’s expression turned gloomy as he snarled in a sinister and cold voice, “Scram!”

That word sounded like lightning on the street. At that moment, everyone turned their heads in that direction. When they saw the bickering couple, they understood.

Feng Jing Tian had always walked among flowers while being unstained by their leaves, but he just couldn’t care less about his fiance, Lan Yue, who had a gentle and beautiful water-like appearance. It was all due to her ident.i.ty as his fiance.

He disappeared from Feng City for a couple of years due to his displeasure.

Lan Yue’s gaze dimmed slightly as bitterness permeated her heart. Her heart had been robbed by him after he saved her, ten years ago.

However, no matter how this man hated her, she was willing to endure the humiliation so long as she could become his wife…

“Jing Tian, I just….”


Feng Jing Tian didn’t wait for her to say her piece and cut her off furiously.

Lan Yue’s delicate face paled instantly. She bit hard on her lower lip as she looked with despair and pain at this heartless man. He could share himself with others, so why couldn’t he share just a tiny bit of himself with her?

Even if it were a tiny piece, it would have been sufficient for her…


Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 274

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