Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 276

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Chapter 276- Breakingthrough to Xiantian Part 4

Now she knew she had thought wrong. It had been so incredibly wrong…

He didn’t mind offending the Lan family for this woman and had even slapped Xin Er.

Lan Yue bit her lower lip. Her gaze shot toward Mu Ru Yue. That glance looked so ordinary that her blue eyes were still gentle as water, but Mu Ru Yue could distinctly feel the animosity and fury in the girl’s eyes.

Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders helplessly and sighed. She was completely implicated by Feng Jing Tian.

“Xin Er, let’s go.” Lan Yue turned around and walked to Lan Xin’s side. Her steps paused as she said, “Jing Tian, I won’t tell this to my father, but you have gone too far. I won’t be able to help you now, even if I wanted to…”

Upon saying that, she didn’t even turn back as her fluttering blue dress disappeared under the sunset.

Mu Ru Yue looked in the direction Lan Yue left. It was unknown what she was thinking. She was still in deep thought when a low voice was heard. “Woman, I’m sorry…”

Her heart skipped a beat. A man that had always been prideful knew how to apologize?

“Feng Jing Tian, isn’t this what you wanted?” Mu Ru Yue chuckled lightly with mockery in her eyes.

“No!” Feng Jing Tian’s heart tightened as he gripped Mu Ru Yue’s hand hastily. With a trace of panic in his phoenix eyes, he continued, “I didn’t expect them to come here. I didn’t purposely allow those people to humiliate you. Woman, I…”

He really didn’t know how to explain himself at that point.

If it wasn’t for him in sealing her powers, this woman wouldn’t have been humiliated in such a fas.h.i.+on.

Feng Jing Tian swallowed his words as he looked sheepishly at the young girl by his side.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to make you stay with me. If you recover your strength, you will just disappear from my side. I won’t have a chance then.”

“Forget it.” Mu Ru Yue waved and smiled coldly. “I will be able to break this seal by myself without your a.s.sistance. Feng Jing Tian, you won’t be able to keep me captive for my entire life. Once there’s a chance, I’ll leave this place and return to his side.”

Feng Jing Tian tightened his grip on the young girl’s hand. But it was as though he felt the young girl’s pain so he suddenly released it. A bitter smile was expressed through his red lips.

It seemed as if no matter what he did, this woman wouldn’t accept him.

But he was still unwilling to give up just like that…

“Woman, you should be tired by now. I shall escort you back. I’ll bring you out for another stroll some other time.” Feng Jing Tian smiled amiably as he gazed at Mu Ru Yue unblinkingly.

Mu Ru Yue nodded lightly. She needed to head back and cultivate rather than interact with this man…


After returning to the Feng family, Feng Jing Tian brought Mu Ru Yue back to her quarters. He was then summoned by the head of the Feng family, Feng Xiang. Seeing Feng Jing Tian enter, Feng Xiang’s expression darkened.

“Jing Tian, I heard you brought back a girl from outside recently. That part doesn’t really matter, as my Feng family can afford to raise a girl, but I heard that not only did you bully Lan Yue, you also slapped Lan Xin for that girl. Shouldn’t you give me an explanation as your father?”

Feng Jing Tian chuckled coldly. “So what if I beat her? I should have killed her for humiliating my girl! I’ve spared her life today in consideration of the Lan family, but I will immediately make her bleed if there’s a second time!”

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 276

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