Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 282

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Chapter 282 -Breakingthrough to Xiantian Part 10


Feng Xiang’s expression changed drastically as he shot a sharp gaze toward the window of his study. He muttered, “There are only two Xiantian experts in the Feng family. I am one and Jing Tian is the other, but there aren’t any members of the family even on the verge of breaking through to the Xiantian realm. Who on earth could have broken through in my Feng family?”

He frowned. He didn’t dally any longer and left the room in a flash.


Inside the tower, Huo Hun felt a surge of power nearby, and his brows twitched slightly. He chuckled, commenting, “That little girl broke through so quickly? I thought it would take a couple months’ time. But she is that person’s reincarnation after all.  How could her innate talent be terrible? The sky of the Central Region will be undergoing some changes, now that she has broken through to the Xiantian realm. Perhaps that peerless expert from the Chi Zha Central Region a thousand of years ago will also be returning. It’s a pity that the brat fell in love with someone he shouldn’t fall for. With that little girl’s capabilities, they are completely incompatible.”

He had known Mu Ru Yue’s true ident.i.ty since his gaze had first landed on her. That was why he had been that courteous toward her. If he hadn’t recognized her, she would have simply been just another talent, so why would he have said such words to her then?

“I am  uncertain if that Feng brat heeded my advice. There are also those other troublemakers in the Feng family. That little girl isn’t someone our Feng family can offend. Even without mentioning Bai Zhe, who is still living in seclusion in the Central Region, her own abilities can’t be underestimated. Given the chance, she will become that peerless expert from thousands of years past.”

Huo Hun shook his head and sighed helplessly.

At this moment, he had no idea that the Feng family had already completely offended Mu Ru Yue. They had tried to kill her, so how could she allow the Feng family to continue existing?


Lan Xin sat dazedly on the ground as she looked at the blood-stained white clothes, flabbergasted.

“You… you aren’t a trash?”

‘This girl isn’t a trash?’

Mu Ru Yue didn’t reply and just looked icily at Lan Xin. Her eyes were like cold daggers sc.r.a.ping the other’s face, to the point that Lan Xin couldn’t help but shriek.

“Why did you lie to us?! Why did you pretend to be a trash?!”

Had Lan Xin known earlier that Mu Ru Yue would break through to the Xiantian realm, no matter how arrogant and prideful she was, she wouldn’t dare to create trouble for the latter. She only had had the guts to beat her up previously because she thought the girl was just a trash…

Mu Ru Yue lowered her gaze and replied indifferently, “I’ve never said I was a trash.”

Lan Xin shuddered violently.

She indeed had never said she was a trash. It was only their misunderstanding all along…

“Then why did you hide your power? Why did you do that?” Lan Xin’s voice quivered.

Even though there were countless Xiantian experts in the Central Region, Feng City couldn’t actually be counted as a place within the Central Region. It was just on the border, so they weren’t as powerful as those forces within the Central Region. Therefore, she absolutely did not want to provoke a Xiantian expert…

Lan Xin bit her lower lip hard, her face exceptionally pale.

The others were also trembling in fear. They had all lost their previous arrogance…

Suddenly, a shout was heard. “Who is the friend that has broken through in my Feng family? Will you please show yourself so I can show my hospitality?”

As the words reached them, a green-clad figure appeared before them.

Feng Xiang stood in mid-air. He glanced at Mu Ru Yue’s face, but his eyes didn’t linger there. His forehead creased slightly as he once again asked, “May I know which friend has made a break through here?”

Mu Ru Yue had already withdrawn her aura, so she didn’t look any different from usual. Hence, Feng Xiang didn’t notice that she was the Xiantian expert who had just broken through.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 282

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