Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 288

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Chapter 288 –Feng Family’s Ancestor Part 3

Why would she let those that wanted to kill her live?

“No matter if it’s the Feng family or the Lan family, I won’t let them off. However, in consideration of you letting me feel the enlightenment of the Xiantian experts in the tower, I won’t exterminate the Feng family completely. I will at least not kill Feng Jing Tian nor any of the innocent… The people I deem innocent are those not loyal to the Feng family head. I won’t let off any loyal subordinates of his. Senior, I’m not a solitary person; I have many people I care for. If I were alone, I could have let it off, but for the safety of those I care for, I won’t leave any threats.”

She was never fearful of vengeance toward herself.

But she had the Ma.s.sacre The Heavens Battle Squad, her Xiao family, and even Ye Wu Chen…

What if she killed only Feng Xiang and his loyal subordinates sought vengeance on the Xiao family? There were many people in the Xiao family, including numerous experts, but not everyone was powerful. Those stronger experts wouldn’t be able to protect all of the Xiao family members.

Thus, she wouldn’t risk it. She was unwilling to take a risk that might endanger her family…

She wouldn’t allow anyone to harm those she cared for, even if her hands were to be stained with blood or even if she were to fall into a terrible situation.

Huo Hun was startled and just shook his head helplessly.

This little girl’s personality was as expected. She would cut the gra.s.s from its roots to prevent future troubles. It was already lenient of her to not completely annihilate the Feng family. As for Feng Xiang and his subordinates, they couldn’t continue to exist.

Anyway, he reaped what he sowed. If he hadn’t provoked this little girl, how would she be so enraged? It was great that he didn’t have much feeling toward Feng Xiang. It would suffice as long as the Feng family could continue to exist…

“Little girl, I agree with you; if the gra.s.s isn’t cut by its roots, it will revive after a spring wind. Feng Xiang will justly reap what he sowed. If he didn’t think about killing you, you wouldn’t have wanted to kill him; therefore regarding this matter, this old man won’t interfere.”

Huo Hun smiled bitterly. The only pity was that the Feng family would have one less Xiantian expert. It was fortunate that the brat Feng Jing Tian was still here. With his capability, it wouldn’t be hard to sustain the Feng family.

“Many thanks for the senior’s understanding.” Mu Ru Yue smiled in grat.i.tude.

No matter what, she was greatly thankful toward Huo Hun for helping her so she didn’t want to have a falling out with him.

However, even if Huo Hun wanted to stop her she would have killed Feng Xiang regardlessly.

“Ancestor!” Feng Xiang’s expression changed greatly, astonishment on his handsome face.

He was currently struck dumb. As the ancestor of the Feng family, why had he helped an outsider instead? What was the background of the girl for the ancestor to help her?

“Brat, do you really think this old man is clueless?” The ancestor shot a cold gaze toward Feng Xiang and smiled harshly. “Unknown background? Hid her powers? The little girl’s power was undoubtedly sealed by your son in order to keep her here forever. Once she broke through to the Xiantian, the seal resolved naturally. It is a pity that the little girl didn’t want to stay in the Feng family.

“Moreover, with the little girl’s personality, she definitely wouldn’t instigate trouble. If you didn’t try to kill her, why would she try to kill you? It is useless keeping you as the head of the Feng family; you only know how to create trouble for the Feng family instead of making it prosper. Therefore, as the ancestor of the Feng family, I shall announce that the next family head will be Feng Jing Tian. As for you…”

The ancestor’s expression turned serious as he paused for a moment.

“Since you are a member of the Feng family, this old man shall personally send you off! This is to protect your final dignity!”

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 288

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