Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 353

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Chapter 353

Chapter 353 -The Dean’s Astonishment Part 4

Just when Song Ran wanted to officially introduce Mu Ru Yue to the Dean, the next moment stunned him.

“You are the dean of the Central Region Academy?” Mu Ru Yue forcibly smiled and flattered, “I’ve long heard about your name. I had heard of your name even from a distant place like the Sheng Domain. With but a glance, you appear so awe-inspiring that it would be hard for anyone to mislook you.”

The dean’s gloomy expression went through drastic changes. He went from looking as though he were attending a funeral to immediately smiling after hearing her words. He stroked his snow-white beard with enjoyment as he chuckled and asked, “Little girl, is this dean that well-known?”

Mu Ru Yue blinked her eyes before continuing, “Of course. You are far superior than the rest. I have wors.h.i.+ped you since long ago. I came to this Central Region Academy just to have a glimpse of your graceful bearing.”

Song Ran was completely stupefied.

He previously said those words casually, but who knew this little girl took it so seriously? With her ice-cold personality, how could she say such disgusting words?

Not to even mention the name of the dean, the little girl probably didn’t know about the existence of the Central Region Academy before coming to the Central Region. She was speaking blindly with her eyes wide open…

Mu Ru Yue suppressed her churning stomach. If it wasn’t for the Alchemy Book and Xiao Bai, how could she say such words that disgusted her?

“Hahaha!” The dean laughed heartily before he complimented her, “Little girl, not bad, you really are a good girl. This old man really likes your words. That’s right, I had looked for you regarding the Alchemy Book…”

“Dean, why is your plant withering?”

Mu Ru Yue interrupted the dean before he could finish his piece.

Her question seemed to poke at the dean’s sore spot as he said with teary eyes, “That is my most beloved Silver Leaf. I don’t know why but I found that it had withered this morning. Sigh. Forget it, let’s not talk about that. Little girl, let’s talk about the Alchemy Book instead…”

It was a pity that once he said ‘the Alchemy Book’, her next statement made him swallow his words.

“Dean, perhaps I can try to revive it?” Glimmers danced in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes as she said that with a smile.

At that instant, the dean was stunned as he glared unbelievingly at Mu Ru Yue. “Wha… what did you just say? You said you could revive Silver Leaf?”

‘Did I hear it wrongly?’

At this time, the order by the ancestor masters was thrown to the back of his mind. All he was thinking about now was to revive his beloved Silver Leaf.

“But you must agree to a request.” Mu Ru Yue smiled at the dean as she said that.

The dean became stirred up and nodded vigorously and replied, “Don’t say one. Even if it is a hundred, I would agree to them. Quickly help me revive Silver Leaf. This is a thousand-year medicinal plant. It is also my precious. I can’t fall asleep if I can’t look at it everyday. I just don’t know why it has withered!”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything and just walked up to the Silver Leaf.

She placed a palm on the withering leaf and released some energy. At that instant it converted into a light that enveloped the entire medicinal plant…

The dean became anxious as he stared unblinkingly at the medicinal plant in Mu Ru Yue’s hand. He said with hesitation, “Er… Little girl, are you sure you can do it?”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t reply as her eyes were calm and without any ripples.

A green ray of light was being emitted from her palm. Under the green light, the withering leaves gave off a fluorescent glow. Following that, the dean widened his eyes in shock as he looked at the scene that he would never be able to forget in his entire life.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 353

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