Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 358

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Chapter 358

Chapter 358-Ye Wu Chen’s Return Part 1

“Punish me?” Song Ran was stunned before bursting out with laughter. “Hahaha! If you’re so capable, then go ahead and report my mistakes to the dean. I will definitely welcome you to do so! Someone, escort this old man out!”

We shall see who the dean sides with!

“You…” Fu Li’s expression changed. He shook his sleeves before glaring at Song Ran as he left the room.

Seeing the old man’s departing figure, Song Rong felt unprecedentedly complacent. He was highly spirited. It had been such a long time since he had been so elated.

‘Fu Li, a muddle-minded fool like you wants to fight me? You should just wash up and go to sleep!’

Song Ran chuckled, making the people in the Alchemy Hall puzzled. Had that old man become senile after being angered by Fu Li? He also said he would stop the supply of pills to the Martial Hall. Wasn’t he afraid that the dean would punish him?

The crowd shook their heads. They didn’t know what was wrong with the old man…

The moon hung in the sky and the night backdrop was like water. A silver robe was fluttering through the night sky as it soared like a silver ray of light.

This youth lowered his gaze. His divinely handsome face no longer had its usual languis.h.i.+ng as they focused on the girl that was sitting cross-legged in the room. Longing filled his black eyes.

“That man should be returning.”

He raised his head to look at the tranquil night sky with a slight smile. ‘How long have I waited for the day when our family would reunite? How many days and nights has it been?’ Even though he had slumbered for a thousand years, those were the two faces he wouldn’t forget his entire life and for all eternity.

It was a pity that he although he remembered them, the other two had long forgotten their past, including him.

Zi Qian Jing’s heart clenched as those horrifying scenes played in his mind once more. It was so painful that he couldn’t help bending his waist, pain filling his eyes.

“Jing Er, are you hurt?”

Suddenly, a warm hand was placed on top of his. A girl’s caring voice was heard before him. The voice seemed to be have crossed a few centuries, warming his heart.

“I’m fine.”

Zi Qian Jing shook his head before lifting his pale face. His slender figure looked so vulnerable and feeble in the night breeze. It was so lonesome that he made people’s heartache for him.

Mu Ru Yue didn’t know why her heart ached slightly when she looked at Zi Qian Jing in his current state. She held his freezing hand tightly.

A proverb once said that a mother and son’s heart were connected. Hence, even though Mu Ru Yue didn’t have her past memories, the connection between their souls remained unchanged.

“Jing Er, I constantly have a feeling that we should know of each other long ago.” Mu Ru Yue seriously sized up the youth before her as a peculiar ray of light flashed past her eyes.

At that moment, Zi Qian Jing almost told her everything that had happened, but the words seemed to disappear before they could leave his mouth.

He didn’t know if she would believe what he said. The worst case scenario was that she thought he was insane and distance herself from him. Perhaps it would even scare her senseless? All of these matters were out of the world after all.

Who would believe what he said?

Zi Qian Jing was really afraid.

He previously wasn’t afraid when Zi Feng captured him, nor when his limbs were amputated. Yet, he was really afraid now. It was as though he was re-watching the scene where his parents fell under the might of heaven’s lightning…

“Can… can you hug me?” Zi Qian Jing looked at the girl with an impeccable appearance. With hope in his eyes, he continued, “You look really similar to my mother. She had left with my father when I was really young. Furthermore, I have an indescribable familial feeling whenever I look at you. So, can you please hug me?”

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 358

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