Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 385

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Chapter 385

Chapter 385 -Who Is The Talent? Who Is The Trash? Part 1

Lin Ruo Ying’s face was pale as she stood atop the broad martial stage. The breeze blew past and she looked indescribably feeble from her complexion. She glared furiously at the opponent before her as she took in deep breaths.

‘Mu Ru Yue!’

She chewed on that name in her heart as boundless anger and hatred almost surged out. She couldn’t wait to tear this woman to countless pieces as she thought of her previous days of sufferings.

Perhaps it was because of the battle between them as all the disciples of the academy boycotted their cla.s.ses. They gathered at the martial stage to watch this battle.

There were indeed several young Xiantian, but it was still rare for Lin Ruo Ying to reach her current cultivation.

She was a High Rank Xiantian in her twenties. This was sufficient for her to be a G.o.ddess in the disciples’ hearts.

Even though Mu Ru Yue’s alchemy talent was high, it didn’t mean that her combat power was as strong. Every person had a limit after all. How could one be similarly good in alchemy and cultivation? Otherwise, why would there be separate branches like the Alchemy Hall and Martial Hall?

The crowd looked toward one another as their thoughts intensified.

Mu Ru Yue was seeking to be abused by Lin Ruo Ying for battling her. She thought that with Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen’s protection, she could do as she pleased? Only Lin Ruo Ying could match up with Elder Apprentice Brother Wu Chen in this academy.

Suddenly, their discussions stopped abruptly.

Everyone gaze shot toward the few figures that were walking toward them…

A snow-white robe fluttered when the breeze blew. The girl’s figure was slender and thin to the point where she even looked frail. She instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Her white skin glowed under the sunlight. Her thin lips were an extremely beautiful pink colour. With a slight raise of her brows, her abyss-like black eyes reflected a number of shadows.

The wind seemed to walk with her as her light fragrance touched the crowd’s nose.

Lin Ruo Ying clenched her fist. Her heart felt as though it was being devoured by a worm named jealousy.

That’s right, she was indeed jealous of Mu Ru Yue.

That woman was so pretty that she didn’t seem real. She could even shock her as a girl. But such a girl should only be a useless flower bottle. She would be too weak and feeble to withstand a blow. She would always hide behind a man, not wanting to make herself strong and independent.

When she cast a gaze toward the man by her side, she was love-struck…

The man was still as handsome and charming as ever. He would be able to shock the world by just glancing at him.

The pattern on his fair face didn’t destroy his beauty but enhanced it instead. It was unimaginable for a man to be this handsome.

Dressed in his purple robe, his charm and n.o.bility seemed to be inviolable. He was an awe-inspiring Asura. The n.o.bility that could be felt from his surrounding made people lose their breath.

But when such a powerful man looked at the girl beside him, the gaze that was emitted from his purple eyes could captivate anyone.

It felt as though he wanted to dote on her to her bones and that only she can enter his purple eyes, eyes that disdained the world…

Lin Ruo Ying clenched her fist tighter and her face turning paler. Her lips moved slightly as she commented with a feeble smile, “Wu Chen, you’re also here?”

Ye Wu Chen frowned with disdain that flashed pa.s.s his eyes. He didn’t even so much as give this woman a look from the start. It was as though looking at her was an insult to his eyes…


Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 385

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