Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 389

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Chapter 389

Chapter 389 -Who Is The Talent? Who Is The Trash? Part 5

When the flames gradually disappeared on the martial arena, Fu Li didn’t bother to settle the debt with Mu Ru Yue. He instead went to check on Lin Ruo Ying’s injuries…

But an unexpected event occurred.

Lin Ruo Ying climbed up from the ground with her clothing in a tattered state. Her head and face was filthy with grime. Her hair was completely burned off by the fire. Her sorry state looked extremely ugly.

It was really hard to imagine that she was that genius amongst the girls in the academy, Lin Ruo Ying.

What made people more shocked was what happened after that…


Lin Ruo Ying’s tattered clothings that couldn’t even cover her entire body was ripped apart, exposing her smooth jade-like delicate body. She moaned, “This is too unbearable.”

She really couldn’t stand the fiery sensation…

“I didn’t expect that this would happen.” After Zi Qian Jing looked at Lin Ruo Ying’s appearance, he was stunned before commenting, “Mu Ru Yue’s fire just now stimulated the power of the s.e.xual Fire Pill. It made the pill that was supposed to only work at night appear in the day. But it was due to that that Lin Ruo Ying kept her life. If not, she would have died under the previous attack. Nonetheless, there will be a good show after this. The flare of the pill was too strong this time that she lost her consciousness.”

But after watching up until here, Zi Qian Jing moved his sight away from her. It was as though he didn’t want to sully his eyes from looking at that disgusting body.

On the other side, Ye Wu Chen just focused on Mu Ru Yue with eyes filled with gentleness. Thus, apologies regarding Lin Ruo YIng, he didn’t have the time to give her a glance…

“Fu Li, why are you so anxious? Let’s wait and see what your good disciple is up to.”

Seeing that Fu Li wanted to stop Lin Ruo Ying, how could Song Ran give up such a marvelous chance? He moved in a flash to hinder his path as he said that with a br.i.m.m.i.n.g smile.

“Get lost!”

Fu Li’s expression darkened as he shouted coldly.

“If you can defeat me, I will move aside.”

Lin Ruo Ying grabbed onto the man closest to her while the two elders fought. She ignored the man’s resistance.


His clothes were torn apart.

Following that, it was a public p.o.r.n show…

The female disciples exclaimed and hastily looked away with disdain in their hearts. They didn’t expect Lin Ruo Ying to do such an insane act in public when she looked so proper usually. She could even pounce on such an ugly man.

In comparison, the male disciples became excited as they watched those two in the arena. It was undeniable that Lin Ruo Ying’s technique was superb. She didn’t seem to be new at this in the slightest. It could be seen how often she had done this with men.

Looking at her skilled actions, some of the men shamelessly started to get aroused. None of them went forth to stop her actions…

But there wasn’t any elation expressed on Lin Ruo Ying’s face. It was bitterness instead. It was as though she was enduring a torture…

She was indeed in a lot of pain, to the point that her consciousness was devoured by the intense flames in her, making her do things she wouldn’t be able to do. It was out of Zi Qian Jing’s expectation that the s.e.xual Fire Pill would flare when she was in public after all.

She slowly got out from the effect of the pill after thirty minutes…


That tearing like pain made Lin Ruo Ying’s senses return. She was startled and seemed to feel something that she lowered her gaze. Her sight then landed on a man. She dazed for a long time as she saw what they were doing before she shrieked a heart wrenching cry like a despairing beast.


Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 389

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