Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 391

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Chapter 391

Chapter 391 – If You Don’t Court Death, You Won’t Die Part 2

“Master, help me! She is the one that framed me! This isn’t my intent. She is the one that led me to my current state!”

She glared furiously at Mu Ru Yue as she shouted that.

‘If it wasn’t for that woman, how could she be in such a sorry state? If it wasn’t for her, why couldn’t Ye Wu Chen accept other girls in his eyes?

‘I’ve done everything for him…

‘How can he unmoved to the point that he doesn’t even look at me?’

Ye Wu Chen’s actions were like using a knife to stab her heart, making her heart ache terribly!

Who knew that Lin Ruo Ying was disdained at instead after the crowd heard what she said?

The disciples of the academy weren’t foolish enough to not discover that she was abnormal. But so what? No matter how she explained, it was a fact that she wasn’t a virgin for a long time.

Even if someone forced her, she wouldn’t be able to possess such skillful techniques if it was just her first. This couldn’t be achieved just by framing. Thus, there was only a possibility. She had done it with several men…

Fu Li’s expression turned ashen. He wanted to protect his disciple, but if he went to protect her after what happened, he would be the next laughing stock.

Seeing the elder’s expression, Lin Ruo Ying’s heart sank to the bottom of the valley…

She suddenly burst out laughing. Her laughter flooded the entire academy. It was that mournful.

“I lost!”

She had lost terribly and was in so much pain…

Nothing other than the loss of one’s reputation would break a person’s heart. Moreover, with that palm from Song Ran, he had already stopped the possibility of her continuing her cultivation.

The current her was just a trash.


Suddenly, Lin Ruo Ying opened her mouth and spurt a mouthful of blood as her body collapsed gradually onto the ground. Her lips had a cynical smile at that instant.

It was unknown if she was mocking herself for loving Ye Wu Chen or being unable to kill that woman earlier on…

If she could predict the future, she would have found her and killed her immediately. She would then use the way Mu Ru Yue did in meeting with Ye Wu Chen.

Perhaps that man would love her instead…

It was a pity she couldn’t predict the future…

Lin Ruo Ying gradually closed her eyes, her hand landed on the ground.

“Ruo Ying!” When Fu Li saw Lin Ruo Ying’s collapsed body, his body shook. He then yelled out with all his might. His eyes were bloodshot like a beast.

He had thought that Lin Ruo Ling’s actions were shameful, but she was still his prided disciple. How could his heart not break as he watched his disciple die before him?

Fu Li staggered toward Lin Ruo Ying. A tear drop welled from his eyes. He used a cloth to cover Lin Ruo Ying’s body and painfully closed his eyes.

He had been a coward just now.

It was precisely due to this that he couldn’t save his disciple, leading to her death at such a tender age.

“Ruo Ying. Don’t worry. Master won’t let you die in vain!”

Fu Li’s hands shook as he carried Lin Ruo Ying’s corpse and staggered down the martial arena. He seemed to have aged a few decades at that moment. His white hair was so eye piercing under the sunlight…

“This is called ‘If you don’t court death, you won’t die.” Yao Yun Qing’s brows relaxed as she revealed a dazzling smile as she commented, “She just reaped what she sowed. It can’t be blamed. I, Yao Yun Qing, hates mistresses or mistress wannabes in my life the most. Those people deserve to die!”

Flames of fury nearly burst from Yao Yun Qing’s chest when she thought about how her sister seduced her man.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 391

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