Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 399

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Chapter 399

Chapter 399 – Breakthrough To The Low Rank Mundane Stage Alchemist Part 7

“What’s the reason?” Qi Rong turned her head to Luo Yin with a cold voice.

Luo Yin dazed momentarily. ‘I can’t just tell her that the little girl is the reincarnation of Senior Yue, right?’

“Luo Yin, since you can’t say the reason, get out of my way then. No matter what, I will not allow anyone to disrespect the rules of the academy!”


Seeing that Qi Rong wanted to leave, Luo Yin was alarmed and his complexion paled. WIth a flash of his body, he blocked her path and said, “That little girl… that little girl is the reincarnation of Senior Yue. You can’t touch her!”

He discreetly wiped his cold sweat after he said that as the ancestor had instructed him to not expose her ident.i.ty. But he couldn’t care less at this moment.

However, Qi Rong thought he was being sheepish instead when she saw him wipe his sweat.

“Reincarnation of Senior Yue?” Qi Rong smiled coldly. “Luo Yin, you should come up with a better reason. How can I believe you? I actually found a talented girl when I was out. She has the same crescent moon birthmark as Senior Yue. This matter will be clear to every mind of the academy. Moreover, the crescent moon birthmark is rather unique. It is identical to what was drawn in the ancient books. I believe that she is the real reincarnation of Senior Yue.

“And that is only one point.” Qi Rong s.h.i.+fted her gaze to Luo Yin and continued, “Her memory isn’t clear, but she has pieces of it. She said that she indeed remembers that long ago some people called her Senior Yue…”

Even though there were several other reasons that proved her ident.i.ty, she didn’t tell him.

Luo Yin was completely stupefied. “Apprentice Senior, I believe that that woman is definitely lying to you. The little girl that I know is the genuine Senior Yue. She…”

Qi Rong frowned as she was annoyed by him. She then interrupted him before he could say his piece, “You think I am that easy to fool? I’ve already confirmed it with several facts before I told you this. Moreover, she has the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword in her possession. Who other than Senior Yue can use that sword?”

“No, Apprentice Senior. I…”

“Enough. It’s useless to speak any further! Since that little girl dared to violate the rules of the academy, she will definitely be severely punished!”

She just turned and left after she tossed those words, not giving Luo Yin the chance to rebuke.

“Sigh!” Luo Yin sighed heavily.

He was completely sure that Mu Ru Yue was the real Senior Yue, but what was with the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword? How did it appear in the imposter’s hands?

It was spring of the third month.

The spring breeze blew and caressed the girl’s impeccable appearance. She raised her head to look afar. Her blue dress fluttered in the wind, giving her a n.o.ble and elegant atmosphere.

The smile on the girl’s face was gentle and soft. It was like the calm sea water that gave others a soothing feeling.

What was more amazing was the girl had a pair of blue eyes that captivated people with them.

A group started to crowd around her as they looked at this foreign girl and discussed. They didn’t seem to know her ident.i.ty and why she had appeared within the academy.

Suddenly, the girl’s sight moved as she walked forth to greet an old woman.

“Senior Qi Rong.”

She said that gently. Her voice was as gentle as the spring wind, making all the male disciples of the academy become love-struck…

“Lan Yue, this is the Central Region Academy. You will be living here from now on.

When Qi Rong looked at the girl, a smile appeared on her usually strict face, making everyone widen their eyes and look astonished at the two…

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 399

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