Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 403

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Chapter 403

Chapter 403- Feng Jing Tian’s Changes Part 3

A youth had his hands behind his back as his shadow elongated his figure under the setting sun. He was leaning partially against the door with his hair scattered down his back. He looked languish and willful. His clear eyes focused on the young girl within the room and he had a pleasant and warm smile on his handsome face.

It was undeniable that Zi Qian Jing was really handsome. His eyebrows were also weirdly identical to Ye Wu Chen. The only drastic difference between them was the aura they gave.

One was as charming as an Asura while the other was languish and relaxed. Yet, neither of the two lost in their air of n.o.bility…

“I’m here to bid you farewell.” Glimmers moved in Zi Qian Jing eyes as he continued with a faint smile, “I will need to temporarily leave this place for a while this time.”

“You are leaving?”

Mu Ru Yue raised her head to look at the man at the entrance as an unreasonable feeling of reluctance surged in her head…

She didn’t know why she was so reluctant about this man leaving.

“I need to investigate some matters. Once I make some progress in those matters, I will return to reunite with you.”

Zi Qian Jing lowered his gaze, the corner of his lip curving upward.

If it were possible, he was willing to help them face all dangers so that they could enjoy peace…

Zi Feng, however, was the greatest threat to them during this period of time!

Mu Ru Yue’s thoughts moved, but she suddenly couldn’t say a thing as she looked at Zi Qian Jing…

Zi Qian Jing didn’t speak any further. He turned around and left the room after giving one last, deep gaze at the girl he had thought fondly of for so many years…

A purple figure then appeared in his eyes a moment after he left the room…

The man was handsomely beautiful with a sinister and domineering aura dwelling in his purple eyes. His aura was identical to that powerful and n.o.ble man of the past, giving Zi Qian Jing a peculiar feeling.

Ye Wu Chen didn’t speak. He just looked quietly at Zi Qian Jing. Perhaps he initially treated Zi Qian Jing as a love rival, but after the days of socializing with him he understood that they similarly wanted to protect the girl…

They didn’t mind destroying the heaven and earth for her.

This continent revered experts. If you were powerful, you would be a powerful G.o.d in the heart of the people in this world, even if you were a demon that slaughtered others. Wasn’t that so with him as Zi Huang in his past life?

The crowd would think that it should happen even if he killed many people before them. Who told him to have such strength? Those that complained that he was ruthless were just jealous of his tyrannical innate talent.

How could those that possess such a kind of personality let those that bullied him off? It couldn’t be that if someone wanted to kill you, you would be the samaritan and let them off, right?

Sorry, but you wouldn’t be praised for being kind-hearted for those actions. People would just say that you were such a fool behind your back. After someone was humiliate and was let off, she wouldn’t be gratified and her hatred would instead intensify. A small fry could even grow to flip the table around once she met with opportunities.

Zi Qian Jing looked at the purple robes as his lip parted. A gentle voice like the breeze grazed Ye Wu Chen’s ear, “Protect her well…”

Ye Wu Chen eyebrows rose and with a charming smile, he rebuked, “I will definitely protect my woman well. On the other hand, where are you planning to go?”

“I…” Zi Qian Jing looked at the man’s handsome face and continued with a slight smile, “I am just going to investigate some matters. I don’t feel at ease if I let them be. I just want you to know that everything I do is for her!”

It was due to that woman he had thought of for such a long time…

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 403

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