Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 408

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Chapter 408

Chapter 408 – Feng Jing Tian’s Changes Part 8

He gritted his teeth.


Bloodshot eyes emitted a ruthless light as he shot his palm toward Ye Wu Chen…

“Feng Jing Tian, why are you here?”

Suddenly, an astonished voice was heard from his side, causing the man to stop his hand from advancing further. His eyes became frantic as he hastily used his hair to cover his appearance.

“Feng Jing Tian, raise your head!” Mu Ru Yue’s gaze darkened as she glared at the man before her.

She was certain the red haired man before her was Feng Jing Tian, even though she had just a glimpse of his appearance!

The man clenched his fist tightly. It was as though he could suppress the distress in his heart that way. His adam’s apple rolled as he said hoa.r.s.ely, “You have recognized the wrong person. I’m not this Feng Jing Tian whatever you called …”

“I will say this once more; raise your head!” Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose as she continued, “Since you are so reluctant to let me see your appearance, I will beat you up to the point that your nose turns green and face swell. You won’t need to worry about me seeing your appearance then.”

The man’s body shuddered slightly, but he still didn’t lift his head. His red hair covered his entire face, exposing only a small portion through the gaps of his hair.

Ye Wu Chen frowned, annoyance flas.h.i.+ng in his purple eyes. Suddenly, a tempest rose in his surrounding. The man’s red hairs danced among the tempest, exposing an indescribable appearance.

This man was really pretty. The best description to depict his appearance would be that he possesses smooth and creamy skin, words usually used to describe a woman’s appearance. His enchanter-like face made most of the women in the world lose their l.u.s.ter.

But he had a pair of scarlet, bloodthirsty eyes. This was a sign of a person becoming a devil…

The man hastily used his hand to cover his face. He didn’t dare to look at the woman that he thought fondly of. What qualification did he have to look at her now?

“Feng Jing Tian, why have you fallen to such a state?” Mu Ru Yue’s heart thudded violently. “Did something happened to the Feng family? Why are you becoming a devil?”

When she said the last word, Mu Ru Yue distinctly felt Feng Jing Tian’s body shudder. He pursed his red lips and gradually placed down his hand. He then flew to the distance after turning around after his bloodshot eyes looked at her with reluctance.

“Shall we chase after him?”

Ye Wu Chen’s brows rose slightly.  Even though Feng Jing Tian was his love rival, if Mu Ru Yue didn’t want to let him go, then so what if he chased after him for her?

“No need,” Mu Ru Yue shook her head and continued, “We shouldn’t meet again after we separated the previous time…”

But why had Feng Jing Tian turned into such an appearance?

While she was lost in her thoughts, a figure like blood appeared before her again. His handsome appearance was as enchanter-like as before, but the only change was his body’s aura…

“Feng Jing Tian?” Mu Ru Yue was startled as she looked curiously at the man’s face.

Feng Jing Tian looked at the girl before him with a complex expression. His red lips then parted to give Mu Ru Yue a warning, “Beware of Lan Yue…”

He then turned around and left after tossing the warning, but he didn’t return this time…

“Lan Yue?”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart gloomed. “Is it her? Can it be the most recent commotion is her doing? Why is she doing this?”

Even Mu Ru Yue couldn’t help but be impressed by that woman’s deep schemes. She never test the waters easily. Didn’t she send Lan Xin forth to try and deal with her? She had also been constantly aware of the movements within the Feng family.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 408

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