Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 412

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Chapter 412

Chapter 412  – Shameless and Despicable Lan Yue Part 4

“No! That can’t be your reason!”

Feng Jing Tian stood up and stared at Lan Yue with scarlet eyes. He clenched his fist tightly and gritted his teeth until they crackled as he questioned, “Lan Yue, tell me what is your real motive for doing this!”

Lan Yue sn.i.g.g.e.red. “Feng Jing Tian, what other motives do you think I have for her? I just can’t stand her enjoying her life. I can’t obtain your love so I won’t let her enjoy the warm feelings she gets from her husband. All I want is to break their relations.h.i.+p and make her feel despair in misery in order to have a taste of my suffering. Isn’t this reason enough?!”

She yelled crazily as she said that, tears gradually starting to flow down her face. At this moment, her heart brimmed with intense sorrow…

‘Feng Jing Tian didn’t you kneel before me to know my purpose? Then I definitely won’t tell you about the matter!’

“Lan Yue!”

Feng Jing Tian gripped his fist and his entire body shook. He glared at Lan Yue with a pair of scarlet eyes.

“You are lying to me!”

This girl was lying to him!

He definitely wouldn’t believe that her final motive was just being jealous of Mu Ru Yue. If there wasn’t someone backing her, how could Lan Yue walk such steps? That person behind her would have the information Feng Jing Tian wanted.

“Tell me what are your motives!”

Feng Jing Tian lifted his long, slender jade fingers as he mercilessly moved to grip Lan Yue’s neck. His red hair seemed to dance bewitchingly in the wind. His blood-red eyes emitted a murderous intent.

“If not, I will kill you.”

Lan Yue didn’t do anything and just let him grab her neck. She gradually lowered her head to look at the fair fingers around her neck before smirking in self mockery.

She always knew her life was as puny as an ant to him, but her heart still felt as though it had shattered into pieces at this moment…

“Feng Jing Tian, you aren’t my opponent anymore.” She raised her blue eyes and her gaze landed on the man’s enraged expression as she continued, “But I don’t feel like killing you as it would be too simple. I want you to crawl by the side of my legs as my slave. It isn’t enough for you to just kneel. What I want is to completely smash that pride of yours into smithereens. You will then know what a mistake you initially chose…”

Lan Yue’s voice shook when she said that. She then lifted her jade hand to smack the man’s hands away as she looked heartlessly at the man before her.

“I will no longer love you from now on and hatred shall take its place. I will destroy everything you want to protect!”

Love was deep, and so would the hatred be when it replaced it.

It was precisely due to her loving this man too much that she now hated him this much. If… if he had been willing to tell her that the one he loved the most was her now, then perhaps she would have forgiven him…

It was a pity that it was only her extravagant hope!


Lan Yue lifted her head to laugh heartily. She no longer looked at the man behind her as she turned to leave under the moonlight…

“Stop right there!”

Feng Jing Tian was anxious. He wanted to pursue her, but suddenly an intense aura burst out from the girl’s body.


It struck his chest.

His body was sent flying backwards and collided against a tree.

“That power…” The light in Feng Jing Tian’s eyes darkened slightly as he looked gloomy at the place her figure disappeared to from under the moonlight. A ray of light flashed past his eyes as he commented, “That power has too weak a foundation. It seems to be the type of power gained when one possesses it by forcefully inserting it into the body. What happened to Lan Yue’s body?”

He must pursue Lan Yue no matter what as this was the only way to solve the puzzle.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 412

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