Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 419

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Chapter 419

Chapter 419- Who Is The Real Senior Yue? Part 1

Lan Yue exclaimed as she landed in the centre of the crowd. When she felt the gazes shot toward her, her face flushed. She raised her sight and was met with a pair of sinister eyes.

Where in those purple eyes did he show any signs of being controlled? It was so cold that her heart sank as well…

“No! This is impossible!”

‘Why? Why isn’t the Puppet Poison working?’

Dong Fei Ran was similarly shocked as he was clear he had drugged that tea with the poison. Yet, it hadn’t worked even after Ye Wu Chen consumed it… How could this have happened?

His expression turned grim as raging waves glimmering in his eyes.

“Are you wondering why Ben w.a.n.g wasn’t poisoned?” Ye Wu Chen smirked and, with a sinister grin, continued, “You wish to control Ben w.a.n.g with such a puny Puppet Poison. Aren’t you all overestimating yourselves? Don’t forget, Ben w.a.n.g’s wife is an alchemist!”

They both knew that the tea before them was poisoned from the start. Furthermore, when Ye Wu Chen ma.s.saged Mu Ru Yue’s leg, it hadn’t been due to them being lovey dovey. It was instead a disguise for Mu Ru Yue to secretly pa.s.s the antidote pill into his hand.

It was just a little Puppet Poison. How could it fool them?

Ye Wu Chen smirked as he shot a sinister gaze toward the pale Lan Yue. His acting hadn’t been wasted as it managed to lure this woman into appearing.

“Why? You were clearly unaffected by the poison. Why did you lie to us?!” Lan Yue’s expression changed drastically. She no longer had her usual elegance as she yelled furiously.

“I shall explain that.” Mu Ru Yue looked at Lan Yue. With a calm expression, she explained, “You purposely hid your presence so I failed to find you after surveying the room. Hence, I made Ye Wu Chen to pretend he had fallen for your set up. Once he was ‘trapped’, your heartbeat wouldn’t stay steady and that allowed us to discover your location.”

Moreover, it would have been impossible for Lan Yue to truly hide her presence with her current cultivation. She must have a treasure on her…

Lan Yue’s expression gradually darkened.

She knew she had lost and it was a complete defeat. No matter how one saw it, she was incomparable to this girl. It was the same result of failure once again!

She chuckled bitterly. With a frosty smile, she shot a sharp gaze at Mu Ru Yue and commented, “Even if you found it out, do you think you can relax now? Stop dreaming. There is an unexpected expert in the dark plotting against you!”

‘An unexpected expert?’

Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen’s gazes intertwined as their gazes darkened. It seemed that Lan Yue wasn’t the main antagonist as there were still people behind her.

“Tell me! What is your goal?” Mu Ru Yue looked coldly at the girl on the ground, a layer of ice in her gaze.

Lan Yue sn.i.g.g.e.red before she gradually closed her eyes. She then opened it after a long time and explained, “This plan had failed so it wouldn’t matter if I tell you about it. I want Ye Wu Chen’s innate energy. This can only be obtained by dual cultivation. Moreover, that eldest young mistress is the best candidate. It was a pity that the plan failed in the end. Haha!’

She could only accomplish that other matter with the man’s innate energy. It seemed she had to retreat now and wait for another opportunity…

“Lady Lan Yue, what do you mean by that?” Dong Fei Ran looked flabbergasted at Lan Yue as he asked, startled.

Lan Yue sn.i.g.g.e.red. “Lord City Lord, I am really sorry for using you. The so-called ‘natural essence’ is indeed something I had fabricated. But I didn’t have any other alternative to accomplish my goals…”


Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 419

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