Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 432

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Chapter 432

Chapter 432 -Breakthrough To The Xiantian High Rank Part 5

Senior Yue and Zi Huang was the divine couple from a thousand years ago. Only she should know…

Mu Ru Yue replied with the raise of her brows, “Wu Chen is currently within the academy.”

The girl’s word was as gentle as the wind as it caressed everyone’s ears. The crowd was stunned as they looked astonished at the girl.

Ye Wu Chen? Did she just say that Zi Huang was Ye Wu Chen? If that was the case, then didn’t Senior Yue and Zi Huang appear? If this information were to be circulated, how many people would be astonished…

“Oh.” Hong Yun nodded and chuckled as he said, “Senior Yue, there is a part of Zi Huang’s powers at the back mountain of our academy. I will have to trouble Senior Yue to tell this to Zi Huang so he could take back his power. We can’t remain to stay here much longer and will have to return back to the back mountain soon. Please take care, Senior Yue. Moreover…”

Hong Yun’s expression became serious as he swept a cold gaze at the crowd.

“n.o.body is permitted to spread whatever happened today. If I know who exposed Senior Yue’s ident.i.ty, they will be killed!”

The crowd’s heart shuddered at the word ‘killed’.

Senior Yue indeed had several allies in the Central Region, but there were even more people that were her enemies. There were some that wanted the treasures in her hands so if her ident.i.ty was to be exposed, she would be in grave danger.

Her powers weren’t sufficient at the moment and she wasn’t the peerless expert of the Chi Zha Region from a thousand years ago. Before she could grow up, her ident.i.ty mustn’t be known to anyone else.

“Ancestor, don’t worry. This junior understands.” Luo Yin cupped his hand respectfully as he side glanced the pale Qi Rong with complacency in his eyes.

Hong Yun nodded slightly and smiled with satisfaction.

A breeze blew and the two figures in midair suddenly disappeared. It was as though nothing happened.


The Heavenly Dragon Sword gave out a call and rapidly flew into Mu Ru Yue’s hand. When Mu Ru Yue s.h.i.+fted her gaze, cold killing intent shone in her eyes.

“Lan Yue!” Mu Ru Yue chuckled coldly. “You shouldn’t have teamed up with Zi Feng and plotted against him…”

Lan Yue’s body jolted as she gradually retreated.

A gale blew and Mu Ru Yue’s hair danced violently in the gale. She raised her gaze and with an icy voice filled with killing intent, commanded, “Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword!”


A dragon’s roar filled the sky.

An intense red light was emitted from the pattern on the sword. The entire eye turned completely red. Following that, they saw that the flame dragon on the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword became alive and its enormous body left the sword.



Lan Yue widened her eyes in fright as she yelled with all her might.

However, the flame dragon didn’t stop. With ruthlessness glimmering in its eyes that were emitting a red glow, it used its flame-coated body to strike against Lan Yue.


Flames set her body ablaze. Her delicate body was sent flying and blood showered downward.


The heat of the flames that coiled around her body made her expression distorted. It was a pain that penetrated deeply into the bone marrow. It was as though there would be no end to this suffering…


She laughed brazenly from within the flames.

Lan Yue raised her gaze to look cynically at the white robe young girl who was standing against the wind. “Mu Ru Yue, I didn’t lose to you this time. I lost to my luck. If those old fellows didn’t come out in time, it would have been your death day! But I am not like you who is blessed by the G.o.d of fortune…”

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 432

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