Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 450

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Chapter 450

Chapter 450 -I Will Be Responsible For You Part 8

Within the Empire, the Second and Fourth Princes had the highest chance in succeeding the throne. If the Second Prince became the emperor, who dared to offend him?

With this in mind, Yan Wei was fully confident and didn’t place any importance on anyone.

“Second Prince?”

A low chuckle was heard before him. “I don’t know who this Second Prince is that his dog subordinate could be so arrogant.”

Yan Wei’s expression changed. His face was ashen as he glared at the elder that was sipping his tea at his own pace. “You dared to call me a dog? I am a person of the Second Prince!”

“So what if I called you a dog? Even if I called your so-called Second Prince a dog, who can do anything to me?” The elder smiled as he placed his teacup on the table and replied indifferently.

Yan Wei’s expression changed completely.

This old man was seeking death. He even dared to insult the Second Prince. Even if the elder had a couple of heads, it would still be insufficient to chop them off.

“Old man, you are gutsy. How can the Second Prince’s n.o.bility be vilified by an old dog like you? The Second Prince is the future emperor. You dared to insult him? You just wait to get your family annihilated!”

Yan Wei was enraged and blurted words without thinking. Once he said them, it was already too late so he could only glare angrily at Zhang Lin.

Zhang Lin narrowed his elderly eyes a little. He suddenly chuckled lightly. “Annihilate my family? Don’t even mention a puny Second Prince, the current Emperor of this Empire of Feng Yun does not even dare to say he wants to annihilate our Yao family!”

Yan Wei was just saying things in his anger. Who knew that the old man wasn’t willing to give in? His entire body burned in his flames of fury as he yelled fumingly, “Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, just you wait. I will make you regret this!”

Zhang Lin’s expression slowly turned grim.

He didn’t make any other action and just sat there quietly. A tyrannical aura was then released from his body, making it difficult for Yan Wei to breathe from the pressure. Fear appeared in his eyes.



The tremendous aura slammed onto Yan Wei’s body and he was sent flying, rolling down a flight of stairs in a sorry state.

The crowd in the main hall didn’t know what had happened so they watched astonis.h.i.+ngly at the embroidered youth that came rolling down the stairs…

“Isn’t that Yan Wei who is usually beside the Second Prince?”

“Why did he roll down the stairs?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps it is due to not standing steadily…”

Yan Wei climbed up from the ground and wanted to open his mouth to yell in fury. Who knew that his yell became barking sounds?

At that instant, the main hall quietened. Everyone then burst out into laughter after a long time.

“Haha! Yan Wei of the Yan family has become a dog.”

“Isn’t he one? Doesn’t he stick by the Second Prince’s side while wagging his tail, begging for pity from him? If he isn’t a dog, what is he?”

“Tsk! Tsk! You are humiliating dogs by saying that. A dog is loyal and kind. Yan Wei is just currying favour to the Second Prince for his benefits. How is he qualified to be a dog?”

Yan Wei glared at all of them as he heard their mockery. He then dashed out of the restaurant as though he was running for his life. When he left, the laughter intensified.


Inside the private room, Yao Yun Qing couldn’t help but giggle. “Uncle Zhang, well done! He lost all of his face today. Haha!”

“The young mistress exaggerated.” Zhang Lin smiled as he continued, “But there isn’t a need to be courteous to such a rascal. If you bear with it, they will become more arrogant. Only a harsh lesson can shut them up.”

Zhang Lin didn’t want to bully the young from the start as he was an elder. But what that youth said was getting way out of hand so he could only shut him up.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 450

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