Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 459

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Chapter 459

Chapter 459 -Power’s Initiation Plan Part 2

“Lady.” Xuan Yuan released the youth’s hand as he turned his head toward Mu Ru Yue and asked, “May I ask what the Xiao family is to the lady?”

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze was calm and collected as she replied casually, “I am just temporarily staying there. I don’t have any relations.h.i.+p to the Xiao family of the Central Region.”

“Xiao family of the Central Region?” Xuan Yuan was stunned as he looked puzzled at the girl before him.

“That’s right.” Mu Ru Yue smirked coldly and continued, “I am the descendant of Xiao Yun, who had been chased out of this land several years ago. I recognise the Xiao family that was established by Xiao Yun and not the one here.”

Xuan Yuan’s expression changed drastically, shock filled his eyes.

“You are the descendant of Xiao Yun.”

“Correct, my ancestor is Xiao Yun.”

“Lady,” Xuan Yuan’s expression became serious. “You had saved my most beloved son and thus, you are my Xuan family’s benefactor. There is a matter that I had been holding back for a long time already. Since I met with the descendant of Xiao Yun today, I can’t not keep it in any longer…”

Mu Ru Yue frowned as she looked doubtfully at Xuan Yuan.

“Actually, my family had also partic.i.p.ated in that matter of Xiao Yun’s that year.” Xuan Yuan chuckled bitterly as he continued guiltily, “Those matters happened before I was born. I don’t really understand what happened, but I had heard some of it from my ancestor. Our family clan had let Xiao Yun down.”

Mu Ru Yue’s expression slowly turned grim. “What happened?”

‘What happened to Xiao Yun’s body that day?’

Xuan Yuan shook his head and sighed as he replied, “Does the lady know of the Yao family?”

“Yao family?”

“Yes.” Xuan Yuan nodded slightly and explained, “There are four main powers in this continent. They are the Medicine Sect, Martial Sect, Holy Sect and the Yao family respectively. The four powers hold supreme powers that are superior to my empire’s. Furthermore, there are even rules placed to all these powers that they are forbidden to make any moves on ordinary people. Yet, a branch member of the Yao family got to know of the innate talent of Xiao Yun that year.”

“Xiao Yun hadn’t reach eighteen years of age that year. What kind of genius was he to have reached the Xiantian Full Circle realm before he was eighteen? Thus, the branch member of the Yao family wanted to have Xiao Yun as her husband.”

“But how could the ambitious Xiao Yun agree? He didn’t mind falling out with that branch member and hence, he was set up. If it wasn’t for our family harbouring the Yao family, they wouldn’t have managed to cripple his cultivation. My ancestor told me that he could never forget the final statement of that branch family of the Yao family…

“‘Since I can’t get talent, I will destroy it and make him suffer the pain of being unable to continue cultivating!’ Hence, what my ancestor regretted the most in his life was helping in that matter. But the branch family had used all of the lives of the citizens in the empire to force his hand.”

Xuan Yuan closed his eyes gradually and opened it only after a long period had pa.s.sed. He smiled bitterly and continued, “Lady, you are really lucky to be a girl. After that branch family of the Yao family crippled Xiao Yun, they had stated that ‘If any peerless talent appears in his descendants, the girl would be forced to be a concubine and the man would be conscripted into the Yao family and devote his entire life and eternity.’ It was lucky that the girl backing that Yao family had the Tian t.i.tle and her name was Yao Tian Yu.”

“Yao Tian Yu? Tian t.i.tle?” Mu Ru Yue frowned as she looked puzzled at Xuan Yuan, not understanding it.

“That’s right.” Xuan Yuan nodded and explained, “In a large family like the Yao family, they would be given another t.i.tle to differentiate them with their status. The branch family can only use the t.i.tle Tian. On the other hand, a precious t.i.tle like Yun can only be used by the main branch. The one that took a fancy of Xiao Yun’s talent was one of the branch families of the Yao family.”

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 459

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