Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 478

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Chapter 478

Chapter 478 – Failure Of The Plot Part 3

“It’s Grandmaster Wu Shan. If even Grandmaster Wu Shan is willing to join, then this must be real.”

Perhaps it was due to his lead, the others hesitated only a little before agreeing. Only the Xiao family showed no response…

At that moment, the Third Master of the Xiao family already had a new plan.

He swept a sinister gaze at Yan Jin’s handsome face before switching to Xiao Jing’s. Glimmers danced in his eyes.

‘If Jing Er were to marry him, why would I need to enter the Pill Tower?’

His ideal was marvelous, but reality was different.

The Third Master of the Xiao family’s idea wasn’t bad, but he didn’t think about whether the other was willing to play along.

A tyrannical power was emitted from the back mountains of the Central Region Academy. A purple figure suddenly moved in a flash to stand in mid-air.

With a slight smirk, his lips curled up into a charming smile as he commented, “This recent closed door training actually lasted a few months. Mu Er should have headed to the Capital. It is time for me to seek for her.”

Suddenly, his pupils contracted as a frosty ray of light shone in his purple eyes.

“Who’s there?”

The night breeze graced past the man’s hair. It was obvious that this night was particularly tranquil.

Beneath the moonlight, an indistinct figure appeared before him. The man could still clearly felt the sorrowful aura from her body even though he couldn’t see the girl’s appearance.

But in this world, n.o.body, excluding Mu Ru Yue, was able to make him change his expression.

“Physique Transmission?” The man smirked, enhancing the charm that was being emitted from the pattern on his face. Even so, his body gave off a chilling aura. “Zi Feng, you have grown smart for not appearing before Ben w.a.n.g with your own body and instead chose to use Physique Transmission.”

Physique Transmission was a technique that allowed you to show a person your image while the main body stayed at a safe place. It would be impossible for him to kill her then.

“Elder Brother Zi Huang.” The girl chuckled sorrowfully. With a voice filled with bitterness, she continued, “You recovered your memories, right?”

A cold ray of light flickered in Ye Wu Chen’s purple eyes as he looked sinisterly at the image before him. A powerful aura burst forth from his body at that moment, roiling off him like billowing waves.

“Zi Feng, I should have killed you that year!”

“But you didn’t.” The girl giggled. “I held onto the lifeline of the Zi family when I exposed my love to you so that I could fully express it to you. Otherwise, some ruthless man like yourself wouldn’t have let me off. I couldn’t not do that. You weren’t able to kill me because you had to protect the Zi family while I held onto the lifeline of the Zi family.

“But what was laughable was that you still weren’t willing to accept me as your concubine even after I used the Zi family’s lifeline to force your hand! I just wanted to be your concubine and didn’t think of s.n.a.t.c.hing her position in your heart. Why couldn’t you even agree to my puny request? Elder Brother Zi Huang, you are too heartless. I had been in the Zi family for so many years, yet I am still inferior to an outsider.”

This man wouldn’t mind defying the heavens for Mu Ru Yue…

Zi Feng’s heart shuddered as the bitter smile on her face intensified.

If she could obtain Elder Brother’s devoted love, she would be satisfied with her life…

“I, Ye Wu Chen, will only have one woman in my life and for all eternity. I will never ever betray her!”

The man’s voice was clearly pleasant to the ears, but it made Zi Feng’s heart tremble…

“Elder Brother Zi Huang, my purpose for meeting you here was to tell you of a matter.” Zi Feng suppressed her heartfelt sorrow as she lifted her head to look at Ye Wu Chen and continued, “Do you know where the Zi family is now?”

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 478

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