Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 488

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Chapter 488

Chapter 488-  Threats Part 3

Yao Tian Yu’s body trembled as she widened her eyes in fear. “You… you want me to marry that devil? No! I don’t want to!”

It was as though Yao Yun Qing didn’t see the fear in the other’s eyes as her smile intensified while she coaxed, “Don’t worry. Yao Tian Yu, I will tell the Zhang family to take good care of you.”

When she said ‘take good care’, she purposely emphasized those three words…

At this moment, Yao Tian Yu finally knew fear and she didn’t even care about her pride. She leapt to the side of Yao Yun Qing’s legs and pleaded bitterly, “I beg you. Please don’t wed me off to him. I know that I was wrong. I was really in the wrong. I shouldn’t have tried to steal your man. But I didn’t know who he was. If I knew that you had already fancied him, I definitely wouldn’t have done such a thing.”

Yao Yun Qing’s expression darkened slowly.

“Yao Tian Yu, are you apologizing because Xiao Feng is someone that I know? What if it were other people? Does that mean that they should be forced by you all? How innocent was Xiao Yun that year? How innocent was Xiao Feng today? We are really people of the Yao family, but our family rule is that if people don’t offend us, we won’t offend them. If they do, we will annihilate their family! Thus, I want to ask you this; did Xiao Yun offend you or did Xiao Feng offend you?”

Yao Tian Yu placed down her hand gradually.

She initially thought that since she was a person of the Yao family, the Yao family would harbour them even after knowing the misdeeds they had done. Yet, they underestimated the heartlessness of this family.

They didn’t mind eliminating their disciples for an outsider…

Yao Tian Yu suddenly laughed. That laughter was pleasing to the ears, but it was filled with sorrow and pain. “Yao Yun Qing, you are really ruthless! You want me to marry that kind of person? That mister of the Zhang family is notoriously well known for his violence and ruthlessness. You are pus.h.i.+ng me to my death!”

Yao Yun Qing focused on the girl that was kneeling on the ground as she said strictly, “I am pus.h.i.+ng you to your death? Yao Tian Yu, now I know of just two matters. How many misdeeds have you done that I don’t know of? Grandfather has pa.s.sed the authority to me. I am the successor of the family. The rules of the family mustn’t be violated. Those that do must pay the price!”

She wasn’t a kind person.

There were some who were worthy of her kindness, but to the rest, if you were to pity them, then they would continue doing misdeeds and abuse their status…

“Elder Zhang.”

Yao Tian Yu nodded slightly before ordering coldly, “Send them back to the Yao family for me. Moreover, report everything that had happened here to grandfather and implement all of those punishment that I had said!”

An elder moved in a flash from outside. With worry in his eyes, he said, “Young mistress, you…”

“Don’t worry. With Xiao Feng and Yue Er here, nothing will happen to me. When you return to the family, you can also take note of Second Uncle. He won’t dare to casually do things then. Elder Zhang, you are the only one I trust within the family, excluding grandfather and my biological parents…”

This was the case as the other members of the Yao family sided with Second Uncle. It was only Elder Zhang, although his power wasn’t that strong. Yet, he was a person that had taken care of her mother as she grew up and, similarly, was there for her own upbringing…

Thus, the only one she trusted in such a large family was just him…

How sorrowful was that?

Elder Zhang seemed to understand and cupped his fist slightly. “Young mistress, don’t fret. I will accomplish the tasks you had said. Furthermore, I will report the matter about Second Master to the head of the family.”

Yao Yun Qing nodded slightly but didn’t speak any further. She then s.h.i.+fted her gaze to Mu Ru Yue and asked, “Yue Er, how do you want to deal with these people?”

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 488

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