Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 493

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Chapter 493

Chapter 493 – Mother And Son’s Recognition Part 3

“It is… young mistress Jing…”

“Great Grandfather Qing s.h.i.+, why have you come out?”

A lovely voice was heard behind them at this moment.

Qing s.h.i.+’s expression relaxed slightly as he turned his head to look at Xiao Jing who had just entered the room. He asked gently, “Jing Er, where is your father?”

Xiao Jing was stunned for a moment as she bit her lips and didn’t reply.

An uneasy feeling was felt by Qing s.h.i.+ and he couldn’t help but frown. He prompted, “Jing Er, you have been an obedient child since young. Don’t lie to great grandfather. Quickly tell great grandfather where your father is.”

A layer of tears coated Xiao Jing’s eyes.


She leapt into Qing s.h.i.+’s embrace and confessed pitifully, “Great grandfather, it is all my fault. I led to father’s death!”

Qing s.h.i.+’s body stiffened slowly. His expression darkened instantly as he clarified, “What did you say?”

Xiao Jing sniffled as she looked at Qing s.h.i.+ with teary eyes. “The descendant of Xiao Yun wanted to force father to his death and even wanted to annihilate the Xiao family that day. Jing Er couldn’t not… do that…”

Qing s.h.i.+ no longer heard what Xiao Jing had said after that. A few words resounded in his mind…

‘Descendants of Xiao Yun!

‘Descendant of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Xiao Yun has appeared in the Central Region and come to the Xiao family.’

Fury blazed in Qing s.h.i.+’s heart at that instant.

He couldn’t forget those years where he had always been overshadowed by Xiao Yun. They were both talents, but he was never the eye of focus in the family.

It was only until Xiao Yun offended the Yao family that the family placed importance on him.

But currently, his descendant dared to kill Little Three. This was intolerable. He must make everyone understand the outcome in offending the Xiao family!

“Let’s go. Bring me to see his descendant. I will let them taste my might for killing someone under my wing!”

“No!” Xiao Jing was in so much fright that she paled. She hastily held onto Qing s.h.i.+’s arm as she persuaded, “The descendant of Xiao Yun is being sheltered by the Yao family!”

Currently, anger had muddled Qing s.h.i.+’s mind. With bloodshot eyes, he laughed heartily as he said with gritted teeth. “Sheltered by the Yao family? So what if they were? I will fight to the death and make them unable to die with a complete body!”

He didn’t give the others time to respond after saying that as he moved in a flash out of the room.

Xiao Jing’s eyes darkened slowly as she saw the departing figure of that black robed elder. Where had all that previous anxiousness and grief gone?

“Young mistress Jing Er, why did you do that?” The elders of the Xiao family were slightly enraged. “Aren’t you pus.h.i.+ng Ancestor Elder Qing s.h.i.+ to his death?”

Xiao Jing smirked as she admitted with a sinister smile, “That’s right. I indeed want to push him to his death. What is the use in keeping useless things?”

The crowd didn’t expect she would admit so cleanly so they were stunned.

Was it insufficient for the young mistress to just kill the Third Master, so she was unwilling to even let off Ancestor Elder Qing s.h.i.+?

“To the elders, I no longer have any family members in the Xiao family. I will then leave this family. I will have to trouble the elders to eradicate my name from the memorial hall.”

Xiao Jing no longer bothered to look at the response of the rest as she walked out of the room, quickly vanis.h.i.+ng into the night sky…

“Let’s go. We must quickly chase after Ancestor Elder Qing s.h.i.+. We can’t let Ancestor Elder Qing s.h.i.+ implicate our Xiao family.”

The elders no longer cared about anything else and hastily pursued Qing s.h.i.+.

Following that, the rest of the ancestor elders that arrived behind Qing s.h.i.+ looked at each other and smiled bitterly. They had all heard what Xiao Jing had said. They didn’t expect that the descendant of Xiao Yun, who they had chased out that year, would return and even have connections with the Yao family.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 493

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