Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 495

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Chapter 495

Chapter 495 – Mother And Son’s Recognition Part 5

This was how the term, Money Giving Goods, came about…

It was due to those people that they neglected the outstandingness of their daughters. Who said that girls were inferior to guys? If they were capable, they could rise into power.

“Actually, I don’t really want to possess or govern the Yao family. What I am really worried about is that father is too weak to govern the family. But similarly, the family will be ruined by Second Uncle if he were to take over. I don’t want the family that grandfather supported all of his life to be ruined. Once it is my grandfather’s birthday, Second Uncle and the rest will definitely cause a commotion… Moreover, those elders will definitely object to me marrying Xiao Feng. I already know those thin-skinned people really well.”

Yao Yun Qing smiled bitterly as she explained helplessly.

Mu Ru Yue remained quiet for a while. With a slight flash of light in her eyes, she said, “Can you tell me your grandfather’s condition in detail when we have the time?”

Yao Yun Qing, who was still slightly doubtful, nodded. “Alright.”

Seeing her gloomy face, Mu Ru Yue patted her shoulder and smiled. “Don’t worry. I will give your father a grand secret gift at that time, one that will make them speechless. How long is it until your grandfather’s birthday?”

“Nine months…”

‘Nine months?’

A glimmer flickered in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes as she smiled.

‘Nine months will be sufficient enough time for me to prepare it…’

The two were chatting in the courtyard, completely neglecting the angered Qing s.h.i.+ who was still outside the Pill Tower. Qing s.h.i.+ kicked open the entrance door after seeing no replies from his continuous shoutings.

“Who is the descendant of that trash Xiao Yun?!”

Qing s.h.i.+ hollered in fury. He glanced at the three people in the courtyard. Then, his pupils contracted slightly when he saw the hundred members of the battle squad that came rus.h.i.+ng over.

‘These people are all Xiantian High Rank experts!

‘There aren’t even this many Xiantian High Rank experts in the Xiao family…

‘Moreover, sinister killing intent is being emitted from their bodies. Only people that have gone through hundreds of battles will have such an aura.’

Qing s.h.i.+’s heart clenched slightly. It seemed that the Pill Tower wasn’t simple…

Xiao Feng shot him a cold glance. With an imposing gaze in his eyes, he said, “I am!”

Seeing the man’s cold expression before him, Qing s.h.i.+’s breath tightened. He subconsciously remembered that peerless talent from almost a century ago.


‘They are identical!

‘No matter if it is his grandeur or the arrogance inside his bones, he is identical to that trash Xiao Yun. It is as though the talent from that year has appeared before him once more.’

This feeling made Qing s.h.i.+ uncomfortable. With jealousy in his eyes, he asked, “You are the descendant of Xiao Yun?”

“That’s right. I am his descendant, Xiao Feng!”

“Good, very good!” Qing s.h.i.+ smiled. “Since you are his descendant, are you the one that killed the Third Master of the Xiao family?”

“No, you’re wrong!”

A white robed figure appeared before Qing s.h.i.+ and he was slightly stunned.

The cold smile that curled up from the girl’s lips along with her black eyes seemed like an abyss as she explained. “The one that killed him isn’t my eldest brother. It was Xiao Jing.”

Qing s.h.i.+ narrowed his eyes slightly. With a sharp gaze, he asked, “Little girl, who are you? Do you think I will believe what you say? How can Jing Er kill her father?”

Qing s.h.i.+ was trapped by the fact about the death of the Third Master of the Xiao family so he was clueless as to what Xiao Jing had said after explaining that the Third Master of the Xiao family had died…

“I am also a descendant of Xiao Yun.” Mu Ru Yue smirked and continued, “This is my biological eldest brother.”

“Haha!” Qing s.h.i.+ raised his head and laughed brazenly. With bloodshot eyes, he continued, “Brat, since you two are the descendants of Xiao Yun, all of you deserve to die!”

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 495

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