Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 510

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Chapter 510

Chapter 510 -Confession Part 4

“No!” Yi Die shrieked as she continued, “I am unconvinced! My innate talent is far superior to the rest. You are just being selfish and is unwilling to teach me! Since you picked me up, you should be responsible for my life. Why are you unwilling to teach me? Everyone is envious of me being Grandmaster Wu Yu’s Yao Tong. But I don’t want to be just a Yao Tong and stay in just a supportive role. I want to be superior to the rest.”

She envied young alchemist talents like the grandson of the president of the Pill a.s.sembly and that woman Mu Ru Yue…

She had heard about that woman from Grandmaster Wu Yu even though she had never seen her.

If the Grandmaster taught her alchemy, she would definitely overtake that woman…

Wu Yu’s body shuddered as he looked in Yi Die and her hate-filled eyes. His heart brimmed with sorrow. Those eyes were no longer as pure as when he had first seen her…

That baby’s pure eyes attracted him as it lay upon a snow covered land, making him unable to bear for her to die solitarily at such a place. And, so he brought her into the sect.

Who knew that in the end, what he had picked up was an ingrate…

Perhaps this was the most regretful decision he had made in his life!

“Grandmaster Wu Yu, don’t blame me for exposing you. You interacted with people from the Martial Sect and wanted to help them take over the Qing Yun Sect as their spy. The head of the sect has been so good toward you and given you so many benefits. Furthermore, you have become a person that is subordinate to a one, but is above the rest. Yet, you want to kill the kindhearted head of the sect. I really couldn’t stand this and thus, I gathered evidence to expose you! You are an ingrate. However, I won’t forget the years of nurture the sect had given so I won’t be an ingrate and allow you to destroy this sect!”

Yi Die said those words righteously. It was as though Wu Yu were really a traitor of the sect. On the other hand, praising gazes from several people were shot toward her as the one to eliminate her family member for justice.

As expected, Yi Die was kindhearted, not like Wu Yu who wanted to harm the sect. Someone like him should die from a thousand cuts.

But there were also some that didn’t believe Wu Yu would do such a thing.

n.o.body didn’t know of his contributions to the sect after all these years and he even possessed an important status in the Pill a.s.sembly. What was his motive if he wanted to help the Martial Sect overtake the Qing Yun Sect? Only fools would do such a matter with no benefits.

But Yi Die had brought out two proof of letters that showed their interactions so it made people believed in this matter…

‘Grandmaster Wu Yu, don’t ever blame me for this. I am forced to do this due to your heartlessness!’

Yi Die’s eyelashes flickered slightly as a discreet sneer was displayed on her face.

These interaction letters were made by her as she forged the Grandmaster’s handwriting. She had followed him for so many years so she was naturally familiar with his handwriting and manner of writing.

It was a piece of cake for her to write those letters…


The head of the sect was still pondering this as he sat in his seat. No matter what, Wu Yu was the Alchemist Chief of the Qing Yun Sect. It was unknown as to how much of a loss would it be to the sect from losing him.

But if he really did that, he would just be keeping a scourge…  

Elder Hou gradually turned around while the head of the Sect was in a dilemma. With a faint glimmer in his eyes, he smiled sinisterly and beseeched, “Head, please pa.s.s down the order to execute him!”

He had long disliked Wu Yu so he naturally wouldn’t give up on such a perfect chance.

“But head, I don’t think Grandmaster Wu Yu will do such a thing. Please reconsider before deciding.”

The one that said that was unexpectedly Grandmaster Tian Yuan, the master of Ye Tian Feng.

Tian Yuan had once been greatly chided by Wu Yu that year in the Kingdom of Zi Yue and had also offended Mu Ru Yue due to the relations.h.i.+p between Ye Tian Feng and Mu Ting Er. But he was a rather logical person so he didn’t in the slightest bit believed that Wu Yu would do such a matter.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 510

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