Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 515

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Chapter 515

Chapter 515 -Confession Part 9

If Yi Die thought that was the end, she was incredibly wrong.

If Mu Ru Yue didn’t reach this place in time, then the outcome would have been unimaginable. Hence, she definitely wouldn’t forgive this culprit…

“Grandmaster, Grandmaster Wu Yu, I know that I am in the wrong. I beg you to ask her to let me off. I really know my mistake!” Yi Die’s heart shuddered vigorously as she yelled in panic.

Tears flowed from the corner of her eyes. Her entire body was in so much pain that she couldn’t get to her feet. Following that, Mu Ru Yue raised a hand to manipulate some wind again, forcing Yi Die’s body to fly and land heavily once more.

This was literally a trampling! A single sided trampling!

Under Mu Ru Yue’s blows, don’t even mentioning resisting, she couldn’t even move. The pain made her roll all over the ground…

Currently, the only person who could save her was Grandmaster Wu Yu. If he were willing to speak up for her, this woman would let her off!

But when Wu Yu met with the pleading gaze of Yi Die, he gradually closed his eyes, turning a blind eye to all this…

He had been soft-hearted once to her as she was just a baby at the time. He couldn’t bear to let a baby die in the snow. Now, he wouldn’t be able to soften his heart for such an ingrate…

Despair permeated Yi Die’s heart. Her face was as pale as paper and completely feeble.

When the crowd watched her being trampled, some couldn’t bear to look on and s.h.i.+ft their gaze away, but n.o.body thought that Mu Ru Yue was in the wrong. Everything happening was what Yi Die reaped and sowed.

She even dared to frame her benefactor. She would just be a seed of disaster if kept in the sect…

“She has become even more magnificent after just a few years.”

When Ye Tian Feng looked at the beautiful figure from within the crowd, he smiled bitterly and commended, “Perhaps only that man can match up to her.”

Initially, this woman was his fiancee.

But his eyes had been covered by a layer of dust and he actually neglected such an outstanding girl and instead choose Mu Ting Er who had acted weak and feeble.

What happened that year was the greatest regret in his life.

Seeing such a peerless girl today, he became a little absent-minded.

Even the head of the sect was inferior to her. How great had her cultivation reached and how far was the distance now between he and her?

This distance seemed as vast as the length of thousands of mountains and bodies of water, making him unable to catch up for all eternity…

“Feng Er.”

Tian Yuan turned his head toward Ye Tian Feng. With a slight frown, he said, “Even if you didn’t break the engagement with her, she still wouldn’t have agreed to marry you so stop thinking about what had happened in the past.”

Ye Tian Feng’s body shuddered slightly as he chuckled bitterly.

‘What master said is the truth. How can a girl as outstanding as her be compatible with me? Even if I didn’t break the engagement, she still wouldn’t have been mine…’

But this realization still stung Ye Tian Feng’s heart slightly. He then s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Ye Wu Chen…

The man’s gaze was focused only on Mu Ru Yue, ignoring the gruesome actions she made. His purple eyes were filled with tolerance and doting emotions. It was as though she were the only one that could exist in his entire world.

That focused gaze made Ye Tian Yu change his expression…

‘I am indeed inferior to him.’

Ye Tian Feng chuckled bitterly. He had placed his heart down. The current her had reached a point where he could only look up at her. He no longer fancied her…

“Master, let’s go.”

Mu Ru Yue slowly withdrew her hand and turned her gaze toward Wu Yu.

Wu Yu nodded slightly. He then asked as he s.h.i.+fted to the half-dead young girl on the ground. “How is she?”

“Crippled!” Mu Ru Yue smirked and continued calmly, “I didn’t take her life on your behalf. I just crippled her dantian, the tendons in her hands and legs. Oh~ that’s right, I even crippled her mouth and tongue. I can only be at ease if I did this. Otherwise, if further commotions were to rise from her in the future, it wouldn’t be good.”

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 515

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