Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 516

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Chapter 516

Chapter 516 -Confession Part 10

Everyone looked at the young girl’s indifferent appearance, flabbergasted.

How ruthless was she for crippling Yi Die’s entire body? Wouldn’t she have to suffer more now than if she died cleanly?! She wouldn’t be able to move her arms and legs, nor talk. Don’t even mention cultivating. How was she to eat and replenish her energy? She would forcibly die from hunger in less than seven days!

She would also have to endure despair and remorse during those seven days…

Everyone thought back to their past actions for a moment and wondered if they had offended Grandmaster Wu Yu. This disciple of Grandmaster Wu Yu’s was too ruthless…  

“Grandmaster Wu Yu, you’re leaving?” The head of the sect stood up hastily as he asked anxiously.

Mu Ru Yue glanced at the head of the sect with a cold aura in her eyes, as she said sarcastically, “Should he stay here and wait for you all to kill him?”

Instantly, the head of the sect was tongue-tied. He then replied apologetically, “It was just a misunderstanding. Since the misunderstanding has been resolved, the innocence of Grandmaster Wu Yu has returned. I am willing to apologise to Grandmaster Wu Yu and plead for him to stay. The Qing Yun Sect can’t lose him…”

Mu Ru Yue couldn’t help but laugh as she heard those shameless words from the head of the sect. She then said, “Misunderstanding? That misunderstanding must have truly been so great for you to almost kill him. Lord sect head, do you think you can repay all of the harm you had done to my master just by apologizing? I’m sorry, but this Qing Yun Sect is too dangerous. There’s no way I will continue to let him stay. Otherwise, won’t I be constantly worried for him, not knowing when another misunderstanding occurs?”

The sect head’s face constantly switched from green to white as he took in a deep breath.

He no longer spoke to Mu Ru Yue, but instead shot a pleading gaze at Wu Yu and said, “Grandmaster Wu Yu, our Qing Yun Sect treated you generously all these years. If you were to stay, I swear that such a misunderstanding won’t occur again.”

‘It will be a joke if I still dare to misunderstand him with such a tyrannical disciple under him. Otherwise, wouldn’t I lose my life like Elder Hou and Yi Die?!’

“Head, I accept your sincerity. I had contributed much to the sect these past years. I’ve aged already and should enjoy life so the sect matters should be pa.s.sed on to others to settle. Tian Yuan isn’t a bad candidate. Even though I previously didn’t place much importance on him, he could at least differentiate between right and wrong.”

He no longer looked at the head of the sect after he said that. Rather, he turned his head to Mu Ru Yue and said, “Little girl, let’s go! Your master will rely on you and enjoy the rest of his life. Haha!”

Wu Yu laughed arrogantly. How could one not be prideful for having such a disciple…

“You are forbidden from leaving!”

The head of the sect stood up. It would be a tremendous loss to the sect if Wu Yu left!

Mu Ru Yue’s steps turned sluggish after hearing that. As a cold aura burst forth from her body, she ordered without even turning her head back, “Xiao Bai, if anyone dares to hinder our path, kill them without any exemption!”


A dragon’s roar was heard after Mu Ru Yue said that, alarming all of the members of the Qing Yun Sect who then shuddered in fright. Following that, the crowd saw an enormous white dragon flying in the sky. The disdain and mockery in its clear, big eyes was easy to see. It was as though it didn’t place any importance on this bunch of humans…  

“Master, Wu Chen, let us leave. As this place doesn’t want us, I have already established a power known as the Pill Tower in the Central Region anyway. There are several Mundane Stage alchemists there. The tower also greatly needs someone like master to enter…”

Wu Yu laughed heartily as he joked, “Little girl, this master initially wanted to relax and enjoy life. But it’s fine to partic.i.p.ate in this case instead. Since I am free, I might as well help you out…”

Seeing the departing figures, the head of the sect sat on the ground in defeat, a layer of despair covering his face…

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 516

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