Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 548

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Chapter 548

Chapter 548- Banquet Commotion Part 3

Liu Yu was currently clenching her fist tightly with her delicate body shuddering. Her pale face looked so feeble. Her sorrowful and grieving gaze attracted affections toward her.

Yet, Shao Yi Chen was never soft hearted especially to a girl that was greatly favoured by the Empress! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have used Liu Yu to kill all of the women given to him by the Empress…

The Emperor narrowed his eyes at Yi Shao Chen but didn’t say anything at the end. He quickly withdrew his gaze and smirked slightly before he said, “We have recently obtained a beast. I don’t know who in the crowd will be able to subdue it.”


The crowd’s heart shuddered.

Beasts only existed in the beast mountain range where each of them had peerless strength. The price in an auction for them would be sky high…

“Someone, bring forth the Sky Wolf.” The Emperor ordered seriously.

The two people behind him exchanged gazes before they s.h.i.+fted their gaze to the crowd in the garden.

Two guards quickly walked briskly forth with a cage.

There was a majestic wolf within it. That wolf looked really pretty. Its snow-white fur was like the white clouds in the sky. It looked pure, beautiful, n.o.ble and elegant. It was as though there was nary a blemish on it.

Furthermore, there was a silver crescent moon mark on the wolf’s forehead, enhancing its n.o.bility. It would be unforgettable after having a glance at it.

[Sky Wolf Xiao Yue!]

It was obscure why that name abruptly entered Mu Ru Yue’s mind when she saw the silver wolf. It gave her a nostalgic feeling…

The Sky Wolf seemed to feel a gaze focus on it so it lifted its n.o.ble head toward that direction. Momentarily, it met with a gaze…

The Sky Wolf instantly shuddered with excitement, lifting its head and roared.

‘It’s master! Has master come for me? But why don’t I sense the aura of Lord Bai Ze from master’s body? Can it be that Lord Bai Ze hasn’t reunite with master?

‘Yet, it is definitely master from the scent of her soul, especially her eyes. They are identical to master’s…’  

“I wonder who will be able to subdue this silver wolf.” The Emperor surveyed the crowd with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

Although he didn’t know why those two lords of the Ouyang family requested this, he could only implement.

Nonetheless, he didn’t believe that there will be anyone here that will be able to subdue it…

The crowd became silent as they all looked toward each other. But none of them dared to challenge it.

This wasn’t a joke and could lead to their death with a single mistake.

A crude voice was suddenly heard after a long period of silent. “I will do it!”

Everyone looked to the direction of the voice. When they saw the man, they subconsciously sighed.

“It is Mister Mo Lin from the family of the kingdom’s protector general. I don’t know if he will be able to subdue this pretty wolf.”

“Mister Mo Lin has always been powerful. He may be able to succeed.”

“It isn’t certain as the opponent is a beast that looks really strong…”

Mo Lin lifted his sleeves, ignoring the discussions of the crowd. He narrowed his eyes as he glanced at Sky Wolf Xiao Yue that was trapped within a cage. With a sneer, he proclaimed, “Little fella, I will be subduing you!”

It was just a wolf. How could he fear it when he had encountered and fought beasts before?

Someone immediately opened the gate of the cage after hearing that.


They locked the entrance of the cage after Mo Lin entered it…

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 548

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