Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 553

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Chapter 553

Chapter 553- Ouyang Family’s Help Request Part 4

Yi Shao Chen smirked coldly as he used a towel to wipe his blood-stained finger. A trace of disgust flashed across his eyes.

‘It seems that it will be necessary to disinfect my hand with white wine after dealing with her…’

“Someone!” He tossed the towel on the ground before he ordered. His voice was no longer gentle, void of warmth.

Instantly, a black robed guard walked in from outside the room. He bowed and asked, “What will be your orders, Your Highness?”

“Toss Liu Yu in this state to the Liu manor. You are forbidden to let her wear any clothing!” Yi Shao Chen sneered sinisterly as he continued, “I want to let everyone have a proper look at the markings on her body!”

Those marks were done by Yi Shao Chen. It was already his limit in doing that. He definitely wouldn’t allow his lips to touch that disgusting woman!

His stomach churned from just glancing at her now. Moreover, it would definitely make her suffer more with this method…  

When people were walking past the Liu manor, a naked woman was suddenly tossed at the entrance.

That woman’s body was filled with bruises that was unbearable to look at. Her complexion was frighteningly pale and had already lost consciousness.

People started to crowd and constantly pointed at the girl that was an eyesore to look at lying on the ground, discussing. When the people of the Liu family saw that she was their young mistress, their expression changed drastically before they hastily reported it to the head of the family…

But the discussions didn’t stop.

There was a rumour being pa.s.sed around the next day that King Chen invited Liu Yu to his manor to talk some sense to her after being berated by the Emperor that day after the banquet.

King Chen, however, had some important matters to attend to once he reached the King Chen manor so he made Liu Yu to wait in his study room for him. Who knew that Liu Yu, who was crazy in love with King Chen, secretly burned an aphrodisiac incense in order to have s.e.xual intercourse with him, making him responsible for her.

Yet, since King Chen was too occupied with his matters, he made his guard to notify Liu Yu to come another day. But the guard didn’t expect Liu Yu to possess an aphrodisiac incense and thus, they did it. King Chen was greatly enraged and wanted the Liu family to give him an explanation!

The discussions sided with the guard. Liu Yu just reaped what she sowed after all. She had implicated an innocent guard for trying to seduce King Chen.

Liu Yu instantly made her stand after hearing those rumors.

She said that the one that molested her was King Chen and that he used his finger to do an unbearable matter to her. Furthermore, she wanted King Chen to be responsible for her.

However, n.o.body believed Liu Yu after hearing King Chen’s side of story.

Moreover, who would be able to believe what she said? King Chen wasn’t a fool so how could he not enjoy a delicate beauty before him? If it was the case, wouldn’t it mean that he was impotent?

Liu Yu’s good days had become h.e.l.lish under immense pressure. Her complexion was no longer rosy and was always pale. The Liu family had also completely abandoned her to perish on her own after what she had done…

Inside the King Chen manor.

Shao Yi Chen looked at the girl before him and narrowed his eyes slightly.

He suddenly discovered that the girl before him was unfathomable. She was like a bottomless abyss. There was no telling what her next move will be.

“Yi Shao Chen, I can’t deny that you are really intelligent.” Mu Ru Yue chuckled before she continued, “You knew that I will make a move on Liu Yu so you settled the problem first before I could to protect her?”

If Liu Yu just mocked her with her speech, she perhaps wouldn’t bother with her. Yet, it was obvious that she had killing intents toward her and had tried multiple times to plot against her in the dark.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 553

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