Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 561

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Chapter 561

Chapter 561- Ghost King Ye Wu Chen Part 6

Xiao Yue bit her lips. Her complexion was really pale. She then forcefully retracted her gaze and expressed a forced smile.

“Xiao Yue!”

A tall figure neared Xiao Yue at that instant. The man’s voice was cold and brimmed with fury.

Dongfang1 Jun looked at Xiao Bai at her side and snorted coldly, “Who is he?”

“Xiao Bai, let’s go.”

Xiao Yue held Xiao Bai’s hand tightly before turning around to leave. Who knew that a figure quickly blocked her path with his hand pressing firmly down on her shoulders.

“Let go of Xiao Lang!”

Xiao Bai’s expression became grim gradually. His aura burst forth uncontrollably. It was as violent and strong like a tempest.

Dongfang Jun was forced to retreat a couple of steps. With a trace of astonishment in his eyes, he exclaimed, “Heaven Realm expert!”

‘This youthful guy is a Heaven Realm expert?’

He narrowed his eyes slightly. With a cold light in his eyes, he asked, “May I know which power this brother belongs to? From my understandings, you don’t seem to be a member of the four large family clans.”

Xiao Yue frowned slightly and instinctively stood in front of Xiao Bai to protect him.

Dongfang Jun’s expression became increasingly gloomy as he saw her protective action for that youth. With traces of pain in his voice, he asked, “Xiao Yue, are you really going to treat me in such a fas.h.i.+on?”

Xiao Yue had already snapped out from her previous shock and replied with an elegant smile, “Mister Dongfang must be joking. I was severely wounded that year, leading to the drastic fall of my cultivation and was then captured by humans. Following that, I suffered another bout of a.s.sa.s.sination after escaping the claws of the human race with great difficulty. I was lucky to be saved by mister then. But I had also saved mister’s life after that to repay you for saving my life. Why did mister said that then?”

“Xiao Yue!”

Dongfang Jun wanted to hold her hand, but was dodged by her. His body shuddered momentarily with sorrow expressed on his handsome face.

“Are you still blaming me?”

Xiao Yue’s eyelashes trembled slightly, but with a faint smile, she replied, “How can I blame mister? I am just a beast. It is only natural that the Dongfang family couldn’t accept me. Why should I blame Mister Dongfang as it was only right for you to stand by the side watching me beaten up to the point that I couldn’t recover my human appearance?”

Her every word was like a thorn that pierced his heart, making his heart to bleed profusely at that instant.

He was wrong. Terribly wrong…

He wasn’t willing to let his father to be dissatisfied toward him in order to gain the power that was going to be his that year so he could only watch on and didn’t stop them from severely beating up Xiao Yue.

But now that he had become the young master of the Dongfang family, he realized that it was meaningless in having such a high status with her not by his side.

“Xiao Yue, my father had mentioned that year that if you contracted with me, you would be able to stay in the Dongfang family. We wouldn’t be separated then even though it would be impossible for you to become my wife. Yet, why didn’t you agree? Why did you choose to torture yourself to that extent?”

Xiao Yue’s smile remained unchanged but her eyes darkened as she said, “My master will forever be solely that person. I have waited for so many years for my master. I won’t betray my master even if I have to abandon everything. My master is the sole existence that is worthy for me, Xiao Yue, to disregard everything!”

“Who?!” Dongfang Jun yelled out in fury as he continued, “Can it be that person holds a more important position in your heart? I want to have a look at who s.n.a.t.c.hed you away from me! If I know who it is, I will definitely kill him!”

‘n.o.body is allowed to s.n.a.t.c.h my, Dongfang Jun’s, woman away from me!’

Even though Xiao Bai was clueless as to what they were talking about, he could clearly feel Xiao Yue’s sorrow emanating from her body.  That man even wanted to kill his mother!


I had previously wrote this family’s name wrongly by accident. It is Dongfang family that is one of the four large family clans. I had written it as Nanfang family in chapter 538 when the family clans were first introduced. (I’ve fixed that already. I had also corrected the name of the family in chapters 556 and 557. There shouldn’t be anymore published chapters that has Nanfang family for this arc.) I’m greatly sorry for this screw up.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 561

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