Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 568

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Chapter 568

Chapter 568 – The Ghost King’s Return Part 1

Seeing the girl’s faint smile, Dongfang Jun’s expression turned ashen. He clenched his fists so tightly that it crackled.

He then took in a deep breath with an alarmingly cold gaze as he said, “It seems that you are really unwilling to terminate your contract with Xiao Yue.” He looked at the girl before her with his gaze terrifyingly sinister as he continued, “You will definitely regret this decision one day!”

He no longer looked at Mu Ru Yue after he said that. He shook his sleeves before he turned around and left.

“Dongfang family…” Mu Ru Yue smirked as she said, “I am rather curious as to who will be the one that will regret in the end. Don’t even mention concubine, Xiao Yue’s status is even superior than the head wife of the current family’s head. She deserves a much better man to love.”

Mu Ru Yue might kill Dongfang Jun right now if this was when she first transmigrated into this different world. It was due to baptism in these years that had already made her lose her rashness.

She must completely annihilate the Dongfang family if she were to make a move on them in order to avoid future problems and disasters. If she were to kill Dongfang Jun now, there wasn’t a slightest benefit for her!

If she wanted to eliminate someone, she must obliterate them in order to rob them of the chance in counter attacking.

Otherwise, she could only bear with it.

“I don’t know when the Ouyang family’s medicinal plants will arrive,” Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly as she commented, “If it is the people of the Ouyang family that is transporting the medicinal plants, they should be really quick. But Ouyang Yun Jin couldn’t make his move too obvious as that would attract the other families’ attention. Thus, Yi Shao Chen had dispatched his men to settle this matter instead. It will then be naturally slower with just ordinary men.”

But they should already arrive, judging by the time…

“Halt! What are you all doing?”

The general that was guarding the entrance of the City hindered the path of a group of men and horses that was speeding toward the entrance of the city. He swept a cold gaze at the carriage behind them before ordering harshly, “Check them!”

“Yes, general!”

Two city guards ran briskly to the back of the carriage before opening the trunk of the carriage. Boxes of medicinal plants entered their sight at this instant.

The middle aged man that was the leader of the group was slightly displeased. He raised his palm and a jade pendant appeared in his hand, showing it to the general.

“We are people from the King Chen manor!”

The general sneered as he said, “This general doesn’t care who you are under. You aren’t allowed to transport this much medicinal plants into the Imperial City. Who knows if these medicinal plants are toxic to humans? Someone, confiscate all these medicinal plants. Not a single one of these medicinal plants is to enter the city!”

The middle aged man’s expression changed drastically as he said grimly, “You aren’t an alchemist nor a doctor. How can you tell whether what we are transporting are poisonous or not? You are just making a venomous slander without any evidence. Are all men of King Xuan like this?”

Actually, his guess was right.

Everyone knew that King Xuan and King Chen were like fire and water. Moreover, this general was a person under King Xuan. He got to know that the subordinates of King Chen were transporting medicinal plants into the Capital beforehand so he would naturally find some excuses to confiscate them to curry favor with King Xuan.

“When this general says it is poison, it is!” The general had a cynical smile as he continued with disdain, “n.o.body are allowed to transport these medicinal plants into the city without my permission. If you are capable, you can make King Chen come and collect them.”

The middle aged man clenched his fists tightly with his complexion ashen.

The reason why the general had the guts to confiscate their medicinal plants could only be due to King Xuan’s backing. Moreover, King Xuan was acknowledged by the Ouyang family. King Chen also couldn’t oppose the Ouyang family no matter how strong he was.

Hence, he didn’t fear them.

“Lord w.a.n.g…”

The expressions of the men behind the leader of the group were terrible as they asked for the middle aged man’s opinion.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 568

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