Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 571

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Chapter 571

Chapter 571 – The Ghost King’s Return Part 4

Yi Shao Chen glanced at Yi Shao Xuan that was staring engrossedly at Mo Xi. His lips then curled up into a gentle smile. He would look like a jade-like gentlemen if only his sinister eyes were overlooked.

“Imperial father, Lord Ouyang had recently made your son transport some medicinal plants for him. But when the subordinates of your son reached the entrance of the city, the medicinal plants had been confiscated by General Lin Xin who was guarding the entrance. That person known as Lin Xin had self-proclaimed himself to be a subordinate of Third Imperial brother and even slandered that the medicinal plants of Lord Ouyang were poisonous. Hence, your son has personally come forth to ask for Imperial father’s solution for this.”

Yi Shao Xuan was stunned as a layer of cold sweat immediately formed on his forehead.

That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Lin Xin did indeed transported few carriages of medicinal plants to the King Xuan’s manor. Moreover, since he saw that those medicinal plants were precious supplements, he kept them and planned to find some opportunity to give them to his Imperial father. Who knew that those confiscated goods were the Ouyang family’s.

Seeing the ashened expression of the Emperor and the incredibly gloomy expression of Ouyang Yun Jin, Yi Shao Xuan’s legs softened as he knelt to the ground and pleaded, “Imperial father, your son really didn’t know that the medicinal plants that were recently given by Lin Xin were confiscated goods. Imperial father, please inspect on the credibility of your son’s words!”

“Hmph!” The Emperor’s eyes were completely darkened. He then snorted coldly before he continued, “Yi Shao Xuan, you are really too gutsy to dare confiscate the Ouyang family’s medicinal plants!”

“Imperial father, your son really didn’t know about this. Your son pleads for Imperial father’s forgiveness.”

Yi Shao Xuan wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead while he inwardly scolded Lin Xin thousand times.

‘If that b.a.s.t.a.r.d is here now, I will definitely give him a terrible death!’

The Emperor sighed as his heart softened. He was his son no matter what. How could a father really bear to be ruthless to his own biological bone and blood even if the Royal family was known to be heartless?

But Ouyang Yun Jin’s voice was heard at this moment before he could say anything. “It seems that the people of the Kingdom of Ling Yun is becoming more gutsy to the point where they don’t place importance on our Ouyang family. It is really an eye opener for me today. My Ouyang family had made King Chen help us in transporting medicines. Who knew that they would be confiscated. Those are the most precious medicinal plants in the world. If those medicinal plants get damaged, how many lives can you give to compensate for them? Furthermore, you even dared to say that my Ouyang family had transported poisonous medicinal plants to harm the people in the Imperial City. Haha! This is just too laughable. Why would we need to use poison when we want to kill people?!”

“Lord Ouyang,” Yi Shao Xuan hastily explained to Ouyang Yun Jin, “This really doesn’t have anything to do with me. It is all Lin Xin’s fault. I’m really clueless that the medicinal plants were obtained by confiscation. Otherwise, it will be impossible for me to keep them.”

“Hmph!” Ouyang Yun Jin snorted coldly. With his grandeur being gradually released, he continued, “It is his mistake, but he is your subordinate. How could he dare to brazenly confiscate possessions from a prince’s manor if he didn’t have your permission?”

Yi Shao Xuan’s body shuddered as what Ouyang Yun Jin said was right. It was precisely due to his support and promise that gave Lin Xin that much guts.

However, this matter really didn’t have anything to do with him. It was all due to that person wanting to curry favors with him and creating this commotion…

The Emperor could no longer say anything to help Yi Shao Xuan even if he wanted to upon hearing what Ouyang Yun Jin said. He sighed lightly before he used a somewhat helpless tone as he said, “Yi Shao Xuan, you are to return to the King Xuan’s manor and will be forbidden to take even a single step out of the manor for the next three years! Furthermore, the prince’s manor name will be changed to King Xian. You will just be the idle King Xian from now on.”

Yi Shao Xuan raised his head in shock as he looked with disbelief at the Emperor.

‘Does Imperial father means that I’m no longer qualified to be a candidate in succeeding the throne?’

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 571

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