Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 577

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Chapter 577

Chapter 577 – Death Contract and Sharing Life Part 4

Mo Xi just rushed over and saw Yan Jin embracing Mu Ru Yue and mumbling to her. Moreover, the girl in his embrace had a pale complexion with blood staining her entire white robe down from her chest.


Mo Xi’s mind went blank as his large clear eyes looked dazedly at Mu Ru Yue. His thin and feeble body shuddered vigorously.

‘Why… why is she like this?

‘Am I too late?’

Suddenly, Mo Xi crazily dashed to Mu Ru Yue. He pushed Yan Jin aside and  embraced Mu Ru Yue as pearl-like teardrops flowed out from his large eyes.

“Little Yue, don’t be scared. Mo Mo will protect you. He always will be…”

Mo Xi’s eyelashes were drenched with tears, trembling slightly. He would never be able to forget the phrase that the girl said to him at the banquet…

‘Don’t worry. I’m here!’

Those four words made him get an understanding of the heart of the human race. That warm feeling that he felt was just as warm and gentle as his grandfather. She had always been protecting him, but it would be him that will be protecting her this time…

“Little Yue, Mo Mo won’t let you die! He won’t ever let you die!”

The youth’s gaze surged with determination at this instant.


Just when Yan Jin was at a loss, a curtain of light shot forth from Mo Xi’s body. His hair landed on Mu Ru Yue’s face under the envelopment of the light.

His eyes no longer had his usual innocence and naivety. He looked slightly downwards as he looked seriously at the girl in his embrace…

“Death Contract and sharing life? This fellow is a beast?” Yan Jin was stunned before he commented, “Why don’t I feel any beast aura from his body then? Furthermore, a beast can’t initiate a death contract unless they had absolute potential. He will be a high ranking beast in the future!”

Once a beast was under a death contract, their lives would be tightly connected. In other words, Mu Ru Yue would never die as long as Mo Xi lived unless her soul had been obliterated.

Of course, only humans would have the benefit no matter what contract it was.

If Mo Xi died, he couldn’t be resurrected by Mu Ru Yue.

Thus, the majority of the beasts wouldn’t be willing to initiate a death contract even if they could…

More importantly, if her soul was obliterated, Mo Xi would similarly vanish from the world forever.

This could be said that the death contract was the most tyrannical contract. It was even superior to the Master and Servant contract.

“Death contract! How is this possible?” The middle aged man’s expression changed as he continued, “How could there be a beast that is wholeheartedly willing to initiate such a tyrannical contract to save a person’s life? There isn’t any benefit in it for him at all!”

He seemed to be really powerful even if his species was unknown…

Mu Ru Yue’s complexion gradually recovered under the rays of light. Her eyelashes fluttered slightly and a handsome youth’s face entered her sight when she opened her eyes.

“Mo Mo?” Mu Ru Yue was startled and asked, “Why are you here?”

Furthermore, she seemed to have heard Ye Wu Chen roar out the moment before she fell unconscious…

‘Wu Chen?’

Mu Ru Yue’s heart trembled. Could it be that Wu Chen wasn’t far from here?

“Little Yue!” Mo Xi bit his lips and with his feeble body trembling, he continued, “Little Yue, I was so scared…”

He feared that she would leave forever. It was similar to the time where he had personally watched on as his parents were ruthlessly murdered by some humans…

Little Yue was the closest family member, excluding his grandfather, to him in this world.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 577

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