Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 583

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Chapter 583

Chapter 583 – Jealous Ye Wu Chen Part 5

“I’m tired.”

Mu Ru Yue yawned as she said that with slight sleepiness.

Her body currently was aching all over after being tortured by him for the entire night…

“My wife, please let me massage your body.”

Ye Wu Chen gently placed Mu Ru Yue on a chair. He then crouched in order to gently massage her thighs. A maid from the crown prince manor walked past at this moment. She saw the honorable god-like man was currently massaging a girl’s back and leg with a smile to curry favor with her on his handsome face…

It was night.

Singing and dancing had commenced in the banqueting hall of the Royal palace, making the place really lively.

There were several officials that brought their family, excluding the members of the Ouyang and Songfang families, with them here today. It was all due to wanting to see the mysterious Ghost King.

Even though the Ghost King had always been wearing a mask, he was one that His Majesty would give him some respect. Hence, several people revered him…

Everyone was suddenly stunned at this instant when they shot a surprised gaze outside. A couple was walking over under the moonlight.

Moreover, the girl in white robe looked like a celestial maiden with an impeccable appearance. A cold aura enveloped her body with her frightening ice-cold black eyes.

“Is… isn’t that the girl that was beside the crown prince during the previous flower banquet? When did the scar on her face disappeared? Why has she become this beautiful?”

“Hmph! So what if she is? She is just a witch. It is insufficient for her to seduce just the crown prince. I don’t know when she made her move on the Ghost King!”

A red robed girl looked slightly jealous at Mu Ru Yue. A trace of haze flashed in her eyes.

‘This woman has been staying from morning to night everyday in the crown prince manor. Who will believe that nothing has happened between the crown prince and her? She had abandoned the crown prince for another man now. Such a slut like her doesn’t have the qualification in entering this place!’

The red robed girl’s body shuddered suddenly as the air before her gradually vanished. It was as though a hand was mercilessly strangling her snow white neck, making her face flushed red from the lack of oxygen. Shock and fear were expressed in her eyes.

She  raised her head and a pair of purple eyes entered her sight…

Those eyes were really beautiful. They were as dazzling as jewels. Yet, it was unknown to her why she saw hell from it…

It seemed as though only hell would possess that kind of sinister and terrifying gaze!

The venue became pin drop silence as they looked astonished at the purple robed figure under the moonlight.

The man lost his usual nobility and charm as his body was coated with a freezing cold aura. A black wind was encircling his body, making his purple robe dance wildly along with the wind.

“Wu Chen.”

Mu Ru Yue held Ye Wu Chen’s hand and with a gentle smile, she said, “It can’t be that when a dog bites you, you want to bite it back? You can just ignore such a person. You will only be dirtying your hand in dealing with her…”  

The man’s freezing cold aura gradually dissipated as though he heard Mu Ru Yue’s words. The red robed girl’s legs gave way as she sat heavily on the ground.

Her back felt cold as a night breeze blew past, making her realized that she was drenched in cold sweat.

The red robed girl’s body shivered as she bit her pale-white lips. She smelled the scent of death previously. It was so distinct as though it was before her…

Nobody dared to say anything at this moment. With the red robed girl as an example, they dared to swear that if they said something bad about that girl, the Ghost King would definitely kill them!

Suddenly, Mu Ru Yue felt a venomous snake-like gaze was focused on her…

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 583

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