Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 586

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Chapter 586

Chapter 586- Why Aren’t You Helping Me To Wipe? Part 2

“Your Majesty, what did your servant do wrong that you are treating your servant in such a fas.h.i.+on? Your servant just wanted to give Lady Mu a good family. Is that wrong? She is just a girl without any status picked up by Chen Er. It is her blessings to be able to marry a mister of the Liu family. It couldn’t be that she will marry the crown prince or enter the palace as an imperial concubine, right?!”

When the Emperor said to remove her phoenix crown and had her sent to the cold palace, the Empress got stirred up greatly. She, who was always graceful and n.o.ble, couldn’t help but to yell brazenly. Her shuddering body made her looked incredibly delicate and feeble.

The Emperor’s expression became even more gloomy. But before he could say anything, a black gale rose.


The Empress was sent flying and landed on a banquet table.

The crowd was shocked by the sudden situation. They looked astonished at the purple robed man under the night wind with chills surging in their heart.

She was the Empress!

Even if she had somehow offended His Majesty, she was still the Empress.

Yet, the Ghost King made a move on the Empress at the banquet? Even if His Majesty gave him some face, what he did was disrespect to the royalty!

The Ghost King raised his purple eyes. With a cold sinister aura, he looked at the Empress that was unable to get back onto her feet. With his sinister aura whirling around his body, he proclaimed, “There are only people who are incompatible with her and not she who is incompatible!”

The man’s words were cold as ice at this moment. He had a domineering gaze in his purple eyes.

The crowd was dazed.

‘There are only people who are incompatible with her and not she who is incompatible…’

How confident must he be to say such brazen words?

The expressions of all the girls present changed. Ye Wu Chen’s words placed Mu Ru Yue above them all. How could they just accept that?

A girl like her that only had good looks and no status was indeed incompatible with Liu Lin from the Liu family, not to mention other outstanding men.

The Empress was thoughtful in wanting to raise her status to give her a good future. However, she didn’t accept the Empress’s kind intentions…

“Impudent!” The Empress coughed drily and climbed back on her feet. Her graceful face contorted as she said furiously, “Ghost King, you are just a marquis with a different surname. How dare you make a move on me? Someone, arrest the Ghost King and sent him to the Sky Prison!”

The Empress’ complexion was a terrifying white at this moment. Her hair was also in a mess. She looked like a mad woman.

She pointed furiously toward Ye Wu Chen but didn’t notice that the Emperor’s expression was becoming increasingly darker…  

Nevertheless, once she had said that, a purple robe flashed and landed before her. The man’s slender fingers wrapped around her neck and strangled her, making her breathe sluggishly. Her face was bright red from the lack of oxygen, unable to voice a single word out…

So this man could be this terrifying

His sinister cold gaze was like the cold aura from h.e.l.l, making people s.h.i.+ver with fear. It was especially so from his pair of purple eyes that emanated a terrifying ray of light.

The man smirked and with a frosty voice, he said, “So what if Ben w.a.n.g kills you?”


He then swung his hand, throwing the Empress heavily against the wall. A trail of blood flowed out from the back of the Empress head, flowing down the snow-white wall. It was an alarming sight.

The red robed girl that previously profaned Mu Ru Yue felt that she was really lucky. The Ghost King just looked coldly at her. That gaze was enough to scare her to death, but it was still much better than what happened to the Empress.

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 586

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