Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 595

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Chapter 595

Chapter 595 -Departing To The Ouyang Family Part 1

A girl was sitting cross legged with her eyes were closed lightly at the back mountains. Her hair fluttered with the wind, making her hair to brush gently against her face.

It was as though she heard footsteps from the bottom of the mountain that she gradually opened her eyes. She then looked down the mountain and saw Nangong Zi Lan coming toward her. With a trace of ripples in her eyes, she asked, “Zi Lan, why have you come?”

Nangong Zi Lan’s heart ached when she heard her melancholic voice.

She knew that her master had a past, but her master wasn’t willing to talk about it. People like her that had bright eyes should usually lively and energetic.

But Nangong Zi lan could feel a sadness that a normal person should not have from her master.

It perhaps might be due to her experiencing too many things that gave rise to her current temperament…

“Master, I’ve come to see you.” Nangong Zi Lan smiled as she walked toward Zi Shao. With her eyes curved, she asked with an lovely smile, “How have you been lately?”

Seeing that smile before her, Zi Shao’s gaze became hazy.

‘Isn’t this little girl’s personality like mine thousand of years ago? Yet, how could I still be an innocent girl that loves to act cute and coquettishly after experiencing the annihilation of the Zi family, in addition to the leavings of elder brother and his wife?

‘Only family will pardon my everything and let me act like a spoiled child. I had similarly lost my willfulness after losing all of my family that would indulge me.’

Zi Shao lowered her gaze slightly. What happened that year was a nightmare that she would never be able to forget…

“Zi Lan, you should know that I’m not from here.”

Nangong Zi Lan raised her bright large eyes as she looked puzzled at the woman before her.

Zi Shao chuckled as though she was reminiscing her past. She couldn’t help but to sigh before she continued, “I had come to this place by accident about ten years ago and been in the Nangong family for four years already. I will leave this place to look for my family once I find a way. This place won’t be my final dwelling even though this place is great…”

Nangong Zi Lan blinked her eyes, unable to fully understand what she said. She didn’t understand why her master wanted to leave.

“Master, I’ve met with some encounters when I was out this time.”

It was as though Nangong Zi Lan wanted to disperse Zi Shao’s gloomy mood so she sat beside her and told her everything that happened, including Mu Ru Yue and Ye Chen…

Zi Shao became stirred up when she heard that the mysterious Ghost King that wore a silver mask possessed a pair of purple eyes. She raised her hand to grip onto Nangong Zi Lan’s hand as she asked with a slightly tightened breath, “Have you seen the Ghost King’s appearance? Is there a purple Devil Snare’s pattern on his face?”

Nangong Zi Lan shook her head as she replied, “The Ghost King always wear a mask so I couldn’t see his face.”

“How about Mu Ru Yue then? Is there any special traits about her? Have you seen her possessing a phoenix furnace or a Heavenly Flame Sword?”

Nangong Zi Lan was startled as she saw such an excited Zi Shao.

In her point of view, her master was an immortal that didn’t have any temperament and feelings. It was as though nothing could make her angry or weep at anything.

But the current Zi Shao was completely out of her impression…

“I am not sure.” Nangong Zi Shao pursed her lips slightly and continued, “But she had contracted with Sky Wolf Xiao Yue.”

“Sky Wolf Xiao Yue?”

Zi Shao’s gaze was astonished as she looked dazedly at Nangong Zi Lan before she clarified, “Did you just say Sky Wolf Xiao Yue?”

‘If Sky Wolf Xiao Yue contracted with Mu Ru Yue, can it be that Yue Er and cousin are really here at this place?’

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 595

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