Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 617

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Chapter 617

Chapter 617 -Sullen Dongfang Jun Part 10

Ouyang Yun Jin frowned slightly as he asked, “Moshang family? Father, do you think that matter was done by the Moshang family?”

He sided more toward it being Mu Ru Yue avenging for the Sky Wolf Xiao Yue over the Moshang family. Furthermore, there shouldn’t be anyone else that would do that other than that girl.

“Hur hur!” Ouyang Ling Tian chuckled before he replied, “I don’t know who did that, but I’m sure that it wasn’t the Moshang family.”

Ouyang Yun Jin was startled as he asked, “Why?”

“The logic is really simple.” Ouyang Ling Tian raised his gaze before he continued, “The Moshang family is different from the other three large families. Everyone in that family loves to live in seclusion. It will be a really rare occurrence to see people of the Moshang family roaming in the continent. They are even more unwilling to have grudges against anyone or get into a fight. They just want to train in seclusion. With the Moshang family’s character, they definitely wouldn’t be able to do such a matter! Moreover, there are too many loopholes in this matter. If they wanted to set the Ouyang family up to start a conflict between the Ouyang and Dongfang families, the Moshang family will definitely be quickly suspected upon. But they shouldn’t be that foolish to expose such a mistake.”

“About that matter…” Ouyang Yun Jin swept a gaze at Mu Ru Yue that had a calm expression before s.h.i.+fting his gaze back to Ouyang Ling Tian.

Ouyang Ling Tian smiled and said, “This should just be pure vengeance. That person definitely didn’t have any schemes. It is probably due to Dongfang Jun offending some girls, making that girl want to cripple his member. Of course, those matters didn’t have anything to do with us. Yet, if the Dongfang family started a conflict against the Moshang family, we will gain another ally…”

There wasn’t any good people in this world as everything ran on benefits.

How could he not be elated to just wait for the fish to come before capturing it easily?

Dongfang Liang didn’t dally in the Ouyang City. He just brought Dongfang Jun that was half dead back to the Dongfang family. However, he had concealed the matter about Dongfang Jun’s member being crippled. If the Nangong family knew about this, the outcome would be easy to predict.

Dongfang Liang frowned as he looked at the man on the bed inside a room and asked, “Jun Er, you really didn’t see who hurt you?”

Dongfang Jun shook his head and replied sorrowfully, “That person was too fast. It was impossible for me to see that person’s appearance clearly.”

“Do you have any idea as to who would do this?” Dongfang Liang’s gaze became increasingly sinister.

‘I definitely won’t forgive that person that terminated the Dongfang family’s bloodline, no matter who it is.”

An ice-cold, but impeccable appearance flashed in Dongfang Jun’s mind at this moment. But he quickly denied it.

‘That woman definitely shouldn’t have that kind of tyrannical powers as that expert could beat me to a pulp without me being able to clearly see their appearance, including crippling my family jewels.’

“I don’t know. I also don’t think I’ve offended that kind of expert. That person should be someone from the four large families. The Nangong family shouldn’t have done this. Can it be the Ouyang family?”

Dongfang Jun’s body shuddered when a chill creeped up his spine..

‘That’s right, it is possible that it was by the Ouyang family. They definitely could be this ruthless if they wanted to seek vengeance for that girl.’

“It isn’t the Ouyang family.” Dongfang Liang shook his head as he explained, “If the Ouyang family wanted to make a move on you, they would do it after you left the Ouyang City. They aren’t that brainless to make their move on you when you were in their territory. Hence, I have another hypothesis that it is the Moshang family that wants to start a conflict between the Ouyang and Dofang family. They will then just wait for both parties to weaken before going in for the kill to become the leader of the four large families. Jun Er, don’t worry. Father will certainly avenge for your grudge in having your member crippled.”

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 617

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