Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 618

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Chapter 618

Chapter 618 -Ye Wu Chen Is Too Ugly To Be Seen? Part 1

Dongfang Jun’s expression became gloomy as he clenched his fist tightly before saying each words heavily, “Moshang family! I will definitely make all of you pay the price!”

It was similar in making him lose his happiness by cripping his legacy. What reasons would he have from now on to continue trying to get back with Xiao Yue?

Thinking about that elegant and beautiful girl, Dongfang Jun’s heart ached subconsciously.

“Jun Er, you must marry Nangong Zi Lan no matter what. Once she marries into the Dongfang family, our family’s position will then be stabilized.” A sinister light flickered in Dongfang Liang’s eyes as he said that seriously.

“But father, how will the Nangong family allow Zi Lan to marry with my current condition? Won’t that be equivalent to make her lose happiness for her entire life?”

“That is why we mustn’t let the Nangong family know about this matter.” Dongfang Liang paused for a moment before continuing, “I will give a secret technique of our Dongfang family to seal the mouths of the Ouyang family. It will be impossible for the Nangong family to know about this if only the Ouyang family didn’t spread that information. As for the Moshang family, it is needless to worry about them as they should not be that stupid to do that. Otherwise, it would be the same as confessing what they did.”

Dongfang Jun didn’t say anything, but he had wordlessly agreed to Dongfang Liang’s decision…

The Ouyang family would naturally accept the secret technique of the Dongfang family given by the head of the Dongfang family. It would also serve as a compensation to Ouyang Ling Tian.

Actually, even if they didn’t say anything, the Nangong family wouldn’t continue the marriage alliance with the Dongfang family. It was just that everyone wasn’t voicing their intentions.

Leaves were fluttering downwards within the Ouyang family’s courtyard.

Mu Ru Yue smirkled slightly as she focused her gaze at the man beside her and asked, “I heard that Ouyang Lin died?”

“Mhm.” Ye Wu Chen seemed to have replied without much thoughts. It was as though he didn’t listen to her question.

The smiles within Mu Ru Yue’s eyes intensified as she continued, “She died from humiliation. Wu Chen, I believe that you were involved in this.”

Ye Wu Chen withdrew his gaze after hearing that.

His purple eyes locked onto Mu Ru Yue’s. With a peculiar light in his eyes, he explained, “She dishonoured you…”

He definitely wouldn’t let off anyone that dishonoured her. He just didn’t make his move since Mu Ru Yue had plans at that moment.

But it didn’t mean that he was willing to let that girl off.

“Wu Chen, there’s no need to soil your hands with those kind of people’s blood.” Mu Ru Yue gripped gently onto the man’s hand with happiness in her eyes.

Ye Wu Chen smiled charmingly as he replied, “Don’t worry. There wasn’t a need for me to do it personally. I naturally had someone to do it for me. My hands are used to embrace you and not to be soiled by those people’s blood.”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart shuddered but she then chuckled as she said, “Wu Chen, the powers of the Ouyang family has currently been increasing with time. There are numerous experts in the family from the nurturement of pills. Even Yi Shao Chen’s army are already well known. We just need to find of ways to leave Realmless now.”

Even though it was easy to enter, it would be difficult to exit.

They needed to find a way to leave this place…

“Elder sister Mu, father is looking for you to discuss something with you.”

Yet, a clear voice like a chime was heard behind them at this moment.

Mu Ru Yue turned her head to look at Ouyang Qian and nodded slightly as she agreed, “Alright. I will go and find him.”

Faint sunlights enveloped a middle aged man’s tall and straight body inside the study room. His gaze was currently focused on the invitation on the table with a slight frown. Perhaps it was due to feeling that someone had come that he gradually lifted his head to look over with a smile on his face.

“Lady Mu and Ghost King, you are here?”

“Mhm.” Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly and asked, “What matters do you have with me now?”

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 618

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