Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 630

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Chapter 630

Chapter 630 -Giving A Woman To Ye Wu Chen Part 3

He would have to face against three of the large families at that time.

“Father, your daughter understands.” Dongfang Ying bit her lips.

How could she not understand what Dongfang Liang said? But she was really unwilling to let that girl off this easily…

When Ouyang Yun Jin was discussing with the other families, a figure blocked his path. He frowned slightly as he cast a cold gaze at the pretty girl before him.

“Young mistress Dongfang, can I help you with something?”

To the Dongfang family, he naturally didn’t have any good impression on them and disdain acting cordially with them.

Dongfang Ying snorted coldly and replied in contempt, “I wonder who is that girl to your Ouyang family?”

When Ouyang Yun Jin followed her gaze, he saw Mu Ru Yue who was standing by the side. His brows creased tightly as he naturally knew about the commotion that occured at the entrance of the city in the day from other people.

But Dongfang Ying was openly provoking them at this banquet.

A girl’s indifferent voice was heard before Ouyang Yun Jin could reply, “I’m just a n.o.body.”

Mu Ru Yue’s expression was calm and collected from the start. It was as though she didn’t feel the animosity of Dongfang Ying toward her.

This exchange attracted several people’s attention. The people from the Nangong and Moshang families s.h.i.+fted their gazes over to the confrontation of those two.

“Lady Mu?” Nangong Zi Lan was stunned. A trace of glimmer danced in her eyes, but she decided not to go there after pondering for a moment.

“She should be a branch disciple of your Ouyang family.” Dongfang Ying smirked slightly. With a sinister ray of light that flashed past her eyes, she continued, “I wonder how powerful your Ouyang family’s disciples are. This lady, do you dare to accept my challenge?!”

Even though the crowd didn’t know what happened between the two of them, it was clear that Dongfang Ying seemed to be seeking trouble with that lady. They started to sympathize that girl.

That eldest young mistress of the Dongfang family was already a Xiantian Full Realm expert even though she was willful and arrogant in nature. Dongfang Ying was also at most twenty two years of age.

A twenty two years old Xiantian Full Circle Realm pract.i.tioner could be counted as a talent in the Dongfang family. Someone had even predicted that Dongfang Ying could breakthrough to the Mystic realm in at most half a year.

But that girl seemed to be of similar age to Dongfang Ying even though she was from the Ouyang family. Furthermore, Dongfang Ying had said that she was a person from the branch family.

How could the Ouyang family nurture a branch disciple with all their might?

Thus, it would be impossible for that girl to win against Dongfang Ying… 

“Sorry, but I’m not interested.”

Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze calmly and said that as calm as a morning breeze, but a trace of frostiness that coated her voice.

In her point of view, Dongfang Ying was too weak to make her be interested in battling her.

“So you are afraid,” Dongfang Ying smirked coldly as she mocked, “You can just concede defeat if you are that afraid. I, Dongfang Ying, am always highly principled and wouldn’t force people to do anything! A girl like you that can only rely on her man will never be able to enter my eyes. But what is truly unimaginable to me is that the Ouyang family is shameless to such an extent to use a girl’s appearance to attract powerful men.”

She s.h.i.+fted her gaze to Ye Wu Chen as she said that. With her cold smile intensified, she continued, “It should be due to this man being too ugly. Otherwise, how can he be attracted to you? A woman that doesn’t have any ability other than to hide behind their man will certainly be useless in this world. Death will be your only path after he dumps you!”

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 630

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