Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 633

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Chapter 633

Chapter 633 -Giving A Woman To Ye Wu Chen Part 6

“Kill her?” Mu Ru Yue smiled as she continued, “Which eyes did you see that I’ve killed her? Anyways, she was the one that kept using her innate talent as an excuse to seek trouble with me. I am the type of person that fears trouble. I didn’t bother with her for the first time but it didn’t represent that I will just endure it. Hence, I could only eliminate future problems from her by crippling her power so that she won’t be able to seek trouble with me again!”

The proverb said that three was the maximum number of chances. But to her, two times was the max.

She could give a person a chance, but she wouldn’t give them a second chance! Moreover, if she didn’t cripple her, troubles would just keep arising from her. Since that was the case, why should she keep the trouble?

“Don’t you know what cultivation mean in a martial family?” Dongfang Liang’s eyes was bloodshot with his aura intensifying. But when he saw the silver masked man standing by Mu Ru Yue’s side, he hadn’t reach to the point where he lose all of his sanity no matter how angry he was.

“Crippling a martial pract.i.tioner’s cultivation will make her suffer worse than death, especially for a prideful person like Ying Er. What you did won’t be accepted by the heavens so you will definitely fall to h.e.l.l!”

“h.e.l.l?” Mu Ru Yue chuckled lightly as she continued, “No matter if it is heaven or h.e.l.l, there will always be a person by my side. Hence, even if I entered h.e.l.l, we will work together to create a position for ourselves so I don’t fear anything!”  

‘With him by my side, what is there for me to fear?’

Ye Wu Chen’s gaze became gentle.

His killing intent had completely vanquish at the moment upon hearing what the girl said. His entire purple eyes reflected the figure that always made him anxious…

“Head of the Dongfang family, you are in the wrong in this matter.” Moshang Fei smiled as he glanced at those two that only had each other in their eyes before s.h.i.+fting his gaze toward Dongfang Liang.

“All of us had seen what had happened clearly. It was Dongfang Ying that made a killing move toward this lady first. If someone wanted to kill her, should she curry up favors with that person or extend her head over to let them chop her head off? In my point of view, this lady was already merciful enough to not kill her. As for cultivation… aren’t there several innocent people that Dongfang Ying had killed by misusing her powers all these years? Crippling her might actually be a good thing. Otherwise, she might offend an expert that the Dongfang family can’t afford to offend one day. It isn’t impossible for the entire Dongfang family to be annihilated at that moment!”

Dongfang Liang’s gaze became increasingly gloomy. He then snorted coldly and rebuked, “Ying Er is my daughter while she is just from the branch family of the Ouyang family. How can their status be comparable?”

The meaning of his words was that it was only right for his daughter to kill her and the heavens wouldn’t accept Mu Ru Yue for crippling his daughter!

Even though Dongfang Liang saw Mu Ru Yue when he previously visited the Ouyang family, he didn’t know her status. But he just heard what Dongfang Ying said previously so he naturally thought Mu Ru Yue as a person from the branch family of the Ouyang family.  

“Haha!” Ouyang Yun Jin raised his head and burst out laughing. With a smirk filled with contempt, he said, “Head of the Dongfang family, it seems that you have a misunderstanding. Lady Mu isn’t from the branch family of the Ouyang family. She is the person that our Ouyang family vowed their loyalty and devotion to!”

His words were like an enormous rock that had disturbed the surface of the peaceful ocean, instantly creating numerous waves.

The crowd’s first thought was how was this possible!

What kind of existence was the Ouyang family? Who was this girl to have the capability to make the Ouyang family vow their loyalty and devotion to her then?

Ouyang Yun Jin must be purposely saying that to crack down on the Dongfang family!

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 633

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