Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 641

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Chapter 641

Chapter 641 -Soloing A Group Fight And Breaking Through To The Earth Realm Part 4

“Zi Lan,” Nangong Chen looked slight worried at his younger sister. With a frown, he extended his hand to grab onto her arm, pulling her behind him. He then s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the deathly paled face of Dongfang Jun as he said, “Dongfang Jun, stop pestering my sister. Our Nangong family is clear about all the actions you had done these years. Zi Lan needs a man that loves and cherishes her sincerely. That man definitely won’t be you!”

Just as Dongfang Jun wanted to say something, a mockery filled voice was heard from among the crowd, “I had mentioned that n.o.body in the Dongfang family is good. There is Dongfang Ying that is tyrannical and arrogant in nature and Dongfang Jun that lies to woman even when he is a eunuch. Tsk Tsk! I didn’t expect he was crippled. I don’t know who did that. I must really thank that person!”  

Gu Ying Ying smirked as she said, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with smiles.

Yet, intense killing intents burst forth from Dongfang Jun’s body from pa.s.sing the limits of being treated indifferently. He was like a sharp sword that pierced toward Gu Ying Ying.

“b.i.t.c.h, it is all due to your Moshang family that landed me in such a state. Since that is the case, I choose to die with all of you. Everyone of you should just die!”

“Ying Ying, be careful!” Moshang Fei’s expression darkened as he raised his arms to pull Gu Ying Ying into his embrace. A sword aura shot out from his palm, striking toward Dongfang Jun’s chest.

The enraged Dongfang Jun no longer cared about anything. He dodged in a flash to a side to avoid his attack before continuing to pursue after that couple…

‘If it isn’t for the Moshang family, how could his legacy ended?

‘I definitely mustn’t let these two d.a.m.nable b.a.s.t.a.r.d go!’


Their palms collided in midair. Dongfang Jun’s body rolled a couple of turns backward before stopping. Moshang Fei, on the other hand, retreated a couple steps with a trail of blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth.

“Husband!” Gu Ying Ying’s expression changed greatly as she asked in concern, “Husband, are you alright?”

Moshang Fei shook his head as he wiped away the blood remnants from the corner of his mouth. With a slight  smile, he joked, “Don’t worry. It won’t be that easy to kill your husband. Dongfang Jun should be the one that is severely injured as I had used all of my powers in that strike instead…”

Gu Ying Ying bit her lips, not replying him.

If it wasn’t for her to humiliate Dongfang Jun with her words, perhaps her husband wouldn’t be hurt. But she just couldn’t bear not to do it after thinking about what the Dongfang family did to their Moshang family for the past half year…

“Mister Moshang, what do you mean by doing this?” Dongfang Liang glanced at Dongfang Jun as though he was hating the iron for not becoming steel. Following that, his expression turned grim as he said, “I don’t know how my Dongfang family had offended your Moshang family for you to hurt my son!”

Moshang Fei sneered as he rebuked, “Head of the Dongfang family, have you seen it wrongly? It was Dongfang Jun that made a move on my wife first. It can’t be that I should just watch on as my wife is being killed by him, not resisting? Now, I finally understand where Dongfang Ying’s tyrannical personality came from. So it is from family inheritance.”

Dongfang Liang was enraged from hearing that phrase ‘family inheritance’. But he knew that it was his family that was in the wrong first so he could only forcefully suppress the anger in his heart. He just shot a cold gaze at the other’s handsome and gentle face.

“Jun Er, back down!”

Dongfang Liang’s gaze darkened as he instructed coldly.

“Father…” Dongfang Jun heard his father’s words right after he climbed up to his feet. His heart shuddered subconsciously as he called out with slight resentment.  

“How much longer do you want to make a fool out of yourself?” Dongfang Liang swept a cold gaze at him before continuing, “Immediately scram! Stop staying here to continue humiliating our Dongfang family!”

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 641

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