Enduring The Winter Chapter 4

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New arc! This arc is called The Crown Prince of Chen and a lot of secrets and mysteries will be revealed! Good news for y’all, I’ve finished translating and Ely has finished editing the entire short story! We can do daily releases from today on (as long as WordPress works)! I’m looking at some other short stories for now, but yes, we will try to finish this story up on WordPress by the end of August (see I still stuck to my goal haha).

I’m going to try to release in a way where you can get different feels depending on where you decide to stop reading, which is why you’re only getting one chapter in this update. Let’s just head straight for the action! Ren Dong is amazing and Gui Yan is just the little derpy money man haha.

The Crown Prince of Chen


On a February night, still as cold as before. The surroundings are completely silent.

Ren Dong covered Gui Yan's mouth and hid in a cl.u.s.ter of reeds.

Right after they had extinguished the fire, and were preparing to leave, Ren Dong heard rustling noises and footsteps. At once, she knew that this was bad, and dragged Gui Yan towards the river as they began to ran. However, she would have never thought that this time, there were at least a hundred people chasing her to kill her. Not even a moment had pa.s.sed before the other parties had also reached the river. Ren Dong could only find some reeds to hide in.

Ren Dong glanced at Gui Yan, her heart silently thinking. She had an injury that had yet to heal and she also had a nuisance with her, who only knew how to cause trouble for other people. If she wanted to fight to the death and cut a b.l.o.o.d.y path out of her plight, that would be impossible. The only thing she could count on was hiding carefully. After the others left, then she could plan further.

Her eyes flashed as she noted people in black armed with torches everywhere patrolling the area. The closest one to them was only half a zhang away from them, and if they weren't borrowing the curtain of darkness, they probably would have been discovered by now.

The person who was now searching in the reeds wielded his broadsword and began chopping off huge pieces of reeds, making it harder and harder for Ren Dong to hide. She pinched the arrow in her sleeve tightly, carefully searching for an opportunity to noiselessly kill this person.

All of a sudden, that black clothed person began to tremble from head to toe until he fainted powerlessly. Ren Dong was amazed, but she saw Gui Yan smile at her as he waved the little embroidered bag in his hand and whispered, "I was afraid people would steal my taels so I put an herbal powder in this bag. The moment normal people come in contact with it, they will collapse."

Ren Dong pursed her lips… Which unlucky thief would end up stealing from him?

"Who's over there?" Unexpectedly, one of the people clothed in black began to yell. Immediately following, a few torches were thrown over, lighting up the entire bed of reeds.

As the fire began to surround them, there was no longer any way to hide.

"Give me your embroidered pouch!" Ren Dong took Gui Yan's pouch and grabbed onto his collar. Pus.h.i.+ng off of him, she leapt out of the reeds and shook his little embroidered pouch in the air. His taels mixed with the medicine fell out onto the entire ground. Underneath her many of the men clothed in black immediately fell to the ground, unable to utter another sound.

The moment she landed, Ren Dong coolly clapped and then returned the embroidered pouch to Gui Yan. Gui Yan's eyes filled with tears as he hurriedly ran over and picked up his taels that had fallen onto the ground. He was still wailing, "My taels, my taels! Wifey, wifey!" He turned and accused, "Wifey! How could you squander our money like that?!"

"Let's not marry."

Gui Yan became silent as he bit his lip. Feeling wronged, he glanced at Ren Dong until she felt guilty. Then, he turned towards Ren Dong and picked up more taels from the ground. "Little flowery flower wifey, next time you cannot…"

Before he could finish speaking, his foot caught on a rock and he stumbled, his body suddenly beginning to fall forwards. Ren Dong hadn't completely  put up her guard against Gui Yan, so in the next moment, Gui Yan had hugged her waist and fell onto the ground with her. At that exact same moment, two arrows flew past Ren Dong's ears, accompanied by the sound of an arrowhead ripping apart flesh.

Ren Dong blanked momentarily. She couldn't feel any pain- something that she had come to know well. She glanced down, only to find that an white-plumed long arrow had embedded itself into Gui Yan's back, rendering Gui Yan completely motionless as he lay limp in her embrace.

He… had saved her?

Ren Dong widened her eyes in shock, as she looked at the unconscious Gui Yan in disbelief.

They had only interacted for a few days, but he had already saved her twice. And this time, he had even risked his own life to protect her. She almost choked as she stammered, "Why…" Why would he do something this staggering for someone like her?

Really, if Gui Yan was still awake at this point, he would be trying to make things clear to her. He had only tripped on a rock and it just so happened that he fell towards Ren Dong in that moment. He really wasn't that grand as to sacrifice himself for someone else.

Without giving Ren Dong more time to mull over the situation, two more arrows shot out of the forest. Ren Dong unsheathed her sword, and brushed the sharp arrows aside with two clanks. Her brain rapidly calmed, as she thought, Some black clothed men must still be in the forest. If I let them find us…

She looked around and spotted a rus.h.i.+ng river below her. Then, she carried Gui Yan tightly-

Let's gamble on this round!

Translated by Geeky

Edited by Ely

Enduring The Winter Chapter 4

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